Rockstar’s riotous sandbox comes alive: a first look at GTA Online | Edge

Edge - "A plane flies over Los Santos and we see our avatar’s face gazing through a window at the city below. They are, essentially, the fourth protagonist of Grand Theft Auto V – the mystery silhouette at the bottom of the character switch menu – and Grand Theft Auto Online is where they’ll murder, rob, race, and parachute their way to an ill-gotten fortune with thousands of other players."

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SpitFireAce851815d ago

I still need to play online..just waiting for *R
To Fixes some of the online problems...

Plus i am only only about 60% done with the

thorstein1815d ago

I got in a bit today and I have to say, I don't mind the character creation though some "journos" slammed it. I like the way it is more "organic" and more in tune with the GTA ideal that your lifestyle affects your character.

It was fun, if easy at first. I can't wait to play some more later.

Allsystemgamer1814d ago

Lol why did you get disagrees? It's your opinion. Some people.

Ozmoses1815d ago

I'm with you... Too much real world stuff going on.. I'm like 53% done..

This semester of college is Horrid.. Teachers just won't stop piling on assignments..

I tried to get online yesterday... It only let me create a character... and with that I think the character creation is a piece of crap... I would have expected so much more from Rockstar...

changing you grandparents and shit, hardly even changes you appearance...

there are like 4 things to change... it's pretty lackluster at best.

Jyndal1815d ago

Lasting more than 5 minutes is a challenge. Need to find me a group....if I can ever pry the controller out of my wife's hands. She's totally an addict already.

Brix901815d ago

Sounds like you married the right woman lol

Allsystemgamer1814d ago

Yea and no haha. She's taking his gaming time lol.

Kryptonite42O1814d ago

Lol yeah, but some woman take their mens gaming time without participating in the gaming themselves.. they just nag. Gamer Chick = a Keeper bro!

LakerGamerEnthusiast1815d ago

Looks like servers are stabilizing from my side. I was able to flawlessly get into a couple matches and play with only occasional lag here and there but I was able to get some time in.

I'm uploading some gameplay to my channel atm for the first time ever. It was fun nonetheless.