Opinion: What the future of sports games should look like

As the next generation of consoles looms, this question is getting more and more difficult to clearly answer, especially when it comes to sports video games. Recreating the look and feel of events that unfold and repeat themselves hundreds or thousands of times every season in front of massive audiences has always demanded the most exacting attention to detail possible.

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badboy7761751d ago

Sports games look the same every year. Except for PS3 exclusive MLB The Show.

kenmid1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

lmao, your funny

Axonometri1751d ago

Why is the model of the characters Jersey's look like they are floating 3 inches over the players skin? And why, why are there only 3 or 4 splines over the shoulder of each character? If your going to optimize the poly down, don't do it on the open area of a highly visible portion of the model that is constantly animated.

Dante811751d ago

Lebron has a great neckbeard.

Indo1751d ago

And receding hairline.

Dante811751d ago

Those two combined = Alpha Male

mhunterjr1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

I only really play Madden, but i haven't even bought that game in years because of the stagnation in terms of innovation.

I want to play a game where the AI behaves like human beings. They remember things, they feel pain, and have emotions. I want to play a game where you can watch a game plan play out.

Peytons hurry up offense should have a visual affect on the opposing defense in the second half. Bernard Pollard's ferocious (often illegal) hits should make receivers reluctant to go up for tough pass. Frequent, qb hits should visibly affect his confidence, and it should show in his body language and design making.better Skill players should be notifying coaches and qbs about weaknesses they see in the defense.

The canned animations should go the way of the do-do. Movements should play out on the fly based on human anatomy and the physical capabilities of individual athletes.

Imo, Fix all of that, then worry about the graphics.

thebudgetgamer1751d ago

I hope when they show the crowds you don't see five duplicate people in one section.

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