Hideo Kojima Talks About Replayability in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The Metal Gear Solid series always had a quite extensive degree of replayability, especially if one wanted to get certain emblems and achievements, but what about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain?

Hideo Kojima is still working on creating quite a lot of replayable elements to enhance the longevity of the game.

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Rainstorm811781d ago

It kinda Irks me that this chick has become the face of MGS5.


What makes it worse her role in the game probably isnt that huge

Abriael1781d ago

I like her. And we don't know what her role will be.

Rainstorm811781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Thats why i said PROBABLY

But if previous Snipers.. Sniper Wolf and The End is any indication it probably wont be, unless she is an ally and not a villain

Oh God i hope not

Abriael1781d ago

She definitely looks like an ally.

Nyxus1781d ago

Well Kojima did say she will be the 'main heroine' of the game.

Big_B0SS1781d ago

Good...this was my one complaint about the MGS series.

I hate that you really dont have much options on how to complete a mission in MGS...I hope they take notes from Dues Ex Human Revo, where you can finish the mission however you want.

Lovable1781d ago

Every MGS game has tons of replayability. Gamers play this game every year even after they finished it multiple times already.

-Gespenst-1781d ago

"In some missions there are “No Kill, No Alert” challenges"

What is this, Assassin's Creed? Get this Ubisoft "gameplay" crap outta my MGS.

Abriael1781d ago

Not sure if troll. "No kill, no alert" has been the essence of Metal Gear Solid since MGS1.

Scratch that, you're probably just trolling.

-Gespenst-1781d ago

Ach, I know that for crying out loud. The way it's phrased suggests something like in AC games, you know, the "challenges" for full synchronisation? Hate that dumb crap, it totally forces you to play a certain way. MGS games have always given you a lot of leeway. I'd usually play no kill no alert anyway, but my point is that it shouldn't be made into a kind of "challenge" like in AC. It should be a kind of emergent thing. I don't want messages shouting at me telling me how to play the game and how I can play the game. Leave that to me.

Rainstorm811781d ago

Well surely you don't have any knowledge of the the Big Boss Emblem/Trophy in MGS4.

That Emblem is a nightmare to get.

Whitefox7891781d ago

Got to have the Solar Gun for the Act 3 motorcycle sequence.

And of course use it sparingly....

DEEBO1781d ago

i don't think you reset when spotted,just lose the challenge.

sonicsidewinder1781d ago

The thing that annoyed me with MGS4 and Peace Walker is that these kind of 'ratings' are much more, "In your face".

I mean, with Peace Walker, disregarding missions where it's impossible but not to kill, you're left thinking, what's the point in killing ANYONE? I'm jus gonna fuck up this meta-score in the background.

You end up looking at your inventory thinking, "I can't use over half of this if I want to get the best rating".

It's not only this game. It was the same with the Splinter Cell games as well. The new Deus Ex was bloody stupid with this too with the "more points for non-lethal" bullshit.

In fact it's not really that. It's more to do with being rated on speed. On your first time through, you wouldn't wanna rush, incase you missed something. But the game is judging you on you wanting to take your time and enjoy the game?

Must be an OCD thing...

Bah, can't wait to play it.

-Gespenst-1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Totally agree. Leave us be, I don't care about all that stuff. Hurts immersion too. Kojima's allowing himself to be influenced by Western devs too much...

mr_anderson691781d ago

I prefer the emphasis on no alerts/no kill. makes the game even more realistic for the type of game it is.


there are plenty of first and 3rd person shooters out there if youre looking to run and gun.

braydox211778d ago

tactical epsionage operations............

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