Six promising games canceled before their time

"The history of gaming is a road that has been paved with failures (Virtual Boy), left-field success stories (Wii) and properties that have failed to attain the recognition they deserved (Dreamcast).

There have been great, ambitious games, such as Limbo, that have stewed in development hell for ages. And then there are games that catch the public interest only to fade away into obscurity, whether from corporate negligence, development issues or companies that failed to take a risk on their production.

The following is a brief list documenting the rise and fall of six titles that, for all the right reasons, looked incredible from the start and yet never had the chance to get off the ground." - Maxwell Coviello

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Relientk771813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

City of Metronome sounds awesome, wish it wasnt canceled

FlameHawk1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

City of Metronome has not been cancelled yet, the studio still has it in their projects section on their website.

nooneknows1813d ago

The GateAway & Eight Days :(

madpuppy1813d ago

Eight days looked so darn good. I would love to see that game come back to life.

Ares84HU1813d ago

Vermin for PS1. It sounded really good at the time.

Faztkiller1813d ago

Really wish someone at sony would bring back Eight Days looked awesome. Maybe Naughty Dog or sony santa monica.

KwietStorm1813d ago

Is that like completely canceled or just put on hold?

Faztkiller1813d ago

Id like to know this also looked very interesting

TheFutureIsBlue1813d ago

Either ign or gamespot made it seem like 1313 and other star wars games were never going to see the light of day. I don't see why not though... since Battlefront is being made.

zeroskie1812d ago

It's totally canned, and mostly for licensing reasons due to the sale of Lucasarts and EA having the rights to make star wars games, but not necessarily having access to the assets of Industrial Light and Magic and Skywalker Sound.

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