Women in Games: Rebalancing The Scales

Game designer Whitney Hills shares her insights on gender inequality, fighting against apathy and why the indie space may improve things

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PoSTedUP1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

women enjoy games that are "made for men". we're not gonna see gender equality in games because in the real world, men and women are treated differently if you havent noticed. women like certain things and men like certain things. there are games made by men that cater to both and even cater more to women, too. if what the author is saying were to happen, the industry would have to consist of half male devs and half female devs. but the majority of hardcore gamers of hardcore games are guys and the majority of hardcore game devs are guys. females arent going to stop playing games if they are gamers, i only see the feminists writing about this and if they are truly gamers they will shut up and play what they like, like everyone else. if yoyre a feminist go and play a game with a female lead, but the "balance" isnt going to change anytime soon and thats just stating the obvious.

showtimefolks1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

games where female are on cover art or main character doesn't sell as well, not my words but that's the way publishers think. That's why the girl from bioshock infinite wasn't on cover art

this issue is becoming bigger and bigger, women love to complain but doesn't support when females are leading the way, why you think WNBA isn't as famous as the NBA?

if i was a developer i wouldn't force myself into making a game to please minority gamers which women are to loose a big male audience, like RS said if it makes sense they would do it

rarely do we see women characters does right, its always about sexual appeal, give me a option to choose i will mostly buy a game with male character as lead than female, call me whatever but that's the way its been for some of the best games. That's the way our minds have worked because some of the best games are all male characters

mari yes he saves the princess every game
gears of war

this issue isn't gonna get resolved because there is a much much bigger male audience gamers than females, sop what do we expect the publishers to make games for Minorities, which are the female gamers


so do i, games like the tomb raider reboot is one of my favorite games of this gen, i wish it was single player only and make the single player even longer because the MP was a throw in after though

to be honest look at movies and TV shows, some of the biggest hit shows have main lead male character.

Not saying women shouldn't get the opportunities, but when they do other women are more jealous than happy.

you look at sports around the world too, its the same thing. men sports get huge ratings and big advertisement money but women sports is totally the opposite

so if they want to compete with men than show up for WNBA,Softball,Movies and TV shows and encourage other women to try games and not the Mobile Ipad kind

PoSTedUP1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

"women love to complain but dont support when females are leading the way"

WELL ******* SAID. +bubble.

although i do buy and play games where female is the main character. if the game is good im gonna play it. really makes no difference for me.

the movie and tv industry is more balanced because look at how the audiance is split. if it were more female leads and i loved watching movies, but the majority of the audiance were females, i would STFU and understand and continue to watch movies...

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ziggurcat1753d ago

story quality? WTF like this website? no.

stop approving these garbage, irrelevant articles. no one cares. now **** off.

Bolts1753d ago

I would totally do her.

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Tiqila1753d ago

I dont care if a game has strong female characters in it as long as the game is good. There are no gender issues in gaming for me.

Look at Ellie from The Last of Us,
many Final Fantasy games have female leads/main characters,
Tomb Raider,
Heavenly Sword,
this list goes on and these are all great games.

Misogynism in GTA 5? Sure, but there is also Misandrism in it. The world Rockstar created hates men as much as women.

Mario is always rescuing the princess? Fine, why not?

Zelda is named after princess Zelda, but Link is the main protragonist. Well, why not? I would play that game if Zelda was lead as long as it stays that good.

Making up issues where non are in reality, thats what I like most about the media... if nothing is to report, make up sth.

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