Top Ten: Games to Pre-order for the Next Generation

6aming's Mitch looks at the next-gen games coming out soon and gives his opinion on which would be good pre-orders.

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ZHZ901784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

*Looks at the list*
Warframe is also on PC and is PS4's timed exclusive(and will be on also X1) most likely this list is just an excitment for X1 not PS4 and X1. Just X1 only.

9. BF4
8. Tiny Brains
7. WD
6. Titanfall
5. Crimson Dragon
4. DR3
3. Dragon Age: Inquestion
2. KI
1. Warframe

ShinMaster1784d ago

A lot of multiplatform games.

Looks like the list was made mostly for Xbone owners.
Oh well.

NeMo_HeauxZ1784d ago

Exactly @Giggman. Killer Instinct over KillZone. Yeah right!!!

christocolus1783d ago

I expected to see some ps4 titles besides warframe i.e kill zone and maybe drive club and then the author goes and lists DR3 as exclusive to PS4...and didnt even put D4,Forza or Ryse in the list...cos im really looking forward to those games..but in there titanfall is the one i'm most excited for..