Microsoft: “System processing” takes up 10 percent of Xbox One GPU time

The Xbox One's ability to run up to four apps in the background (or on the side via Snap mode) during gameplay and to switch from a game to those apps almost instantaneously obviously comes at some cost to the system's maximum theoretical gaming performance.

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black0o1814d ago

i cant wait for those systems to launch and be done with all this spec talk

SonyNGP1814d ago

The spec talk will never end. It'll just get worse.

nick3091814d ago

People are way too bored man. Ill be playing them both and just read on breaks.

UltimateMaster1814d ago

I wonder how much it is on the PS4?

NewMonday1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

So only 1.17 tflops is for games

Dat shrinking gap

Ju1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

PS4 has no "hard allocation" of system resources - AFAIK. No hypervisor separating OS from games which in fact allocates those 10% to apps on the XBox - no matter what app runs or doesn't. FreeBSD9 which is very efficient switching apps. At the same time, PS4 has no "bloated" background apps to begin with. Everything else can "run on demand" - not concurrently (interrupts, low priority back ground services, and a proper "suspend game" event handling) - and even has HW support (HW encoder to record gameplay, separate ARM processor to handle network traffic).

XBone runs a side bar - and with it live apps (like Skype - a "monster"). MS runs just much more back ground apps that makes this even necessary.

Sono4211814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

To those trying to say specs don't matter um... why are you even on this article? Also when going into a new generation the most notable and big change is the specs.. so how are you complaining or surprised that specs are being talked about/compared so much? It should be a given.. unless your in defense mode and that's all you have to say against specs.. then I understand

Anyways although I do agree that specs are very important but I think the things that come next in the terms of how important are: Price point, company track record, number of first party studios, network services, and last but certainly not least.. launch titles.

Now with everything important about next gen listed I think we can all agree that out of all of those only 2 are debatable the rest are a given.. Network services and launch titles, lets be honest the rest of them Sony takes the cake easy if you can't accept that I feel sorry for you. So feel free to bicker about those two subjects but the rest... just please don't bother, you can only stay ignorant for so long.

Ezz20131814d ago


hmmmm...ahhhh...well, this is very inte..

what in the blue hell did you just say ?!
In English please ?! :)

webeblazing1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

I think theyre saying theyre tired of this spec talk because most of the articles and people posting are not curiosity or interested in technology theyre just trolling each other or just post articles for hits. how next gen looking its going to be hard to have good conversation with other gamers online.

I didn't know that that's interesting is it because MS implemented windows in xbone

kupomogli1813d ago


Don't you mean "dat expanding gap?"

Shrinking means it gets smaller, and the gap is getting bigger.

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Yo Mama1814d ago

Keep grasping at those straws.

ALLWRONG1813d ago

Like you are right now?

fsfsxii1813d ago

Gotta keep the balance

BoriboyShoGUN1814d ago

Wheres the comments about how this is so great! But seriously Xbox just needs to stop doing interviews these guys arent doing themselves any favors. Should of just stuck to their guns originally.

Nekroo911814d ago

the gpu is already weak, taking 10 percent from that its just stupid

s8anicslayer1814d ago

They're just trying to build a little hype.

meatysausage1814d ago

most likely both systems OS will become more efficient overtime

AngelicIceDiamond1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

@Nekroo I guess you decided to ignore this part.

"Goossen says that Microsoft plans to open up this power to developers in the future in a way that doesn't impact the system's background functions."

"During a recent demonstration of the Xbox One interface, Microsoft Director of Product Planning Albert Penello showed me how running multiple apps on the side or behind a concurrent game didn't lead to any noticeable degradation in gaming performance."

And yes I know how does it stack up to PS4 and PC, I'm sure he means no "degradation" in textures, frames rates and general. It doesn't take a genius or Superman vision to see that.

We simply have to wait and see.

FamilyGuy1814d ago

It's interesting that they're trying to point this out in a positive way because of what it allows you to do but that ability comes at a cost.

At the end of the day as long as the people buying the system are happy with it that's all that matters.

We act like there's a big fight between console fans now but really it's just getting started. Bragging about features and games is going to take over the tech talk and it's gonna be huge. Luckily I'm always up for a good debate.

Nekroo911814d ago

i didnt ignore it. Devs only have less power to work with for games, because of all the features they are trying to implement. they should have used a better gpu instead

BallsEye1813d ago

First of all, devs will be able to use that 10% if they wish. Read the article. Secondly, I love the whole idea of snap, changing between the games ont he fly and other awesome stuff that will make experience smoother and more connected. If you care about every extra pixel then just skip this gen and go for PC.

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thehitman1814d ago

3 O/S that have to communicate with each other will be taxing but the system ram is the best to do it DDR3 that's what MS wanted that's what they got. Still with the right speeds 10% cpgpu power is a lot to be reserving and ya MS will definitely have to clear some of that up because thats way too much being reserved for that. 5-7% seems like a more reasonable figure.

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