Grand Theft Auto V: Overrated

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the highest rated games of all time, but it does not deserve those accolades. Find out why.

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iamnsuperman1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

I am with you on this. Lets start with the big issue that is online is a complete shambles (I am not even in the tutorial bit). I get there would be a bottleneck issue but that is why you have a slow roll out (by region). You also make sure it works (It feels like we are beta testing it)

Then we go onto the story which lacks any sort of storytelling or depth with 2 dimensional characters which is summed up in one awful and rushed ending. The missions and some of the side mission are fun to play (give credit where it is due) but a lot of the side missions, like the article says, are padded out and boring. Collecting 30 nuclear waste was the least fun I have had doing an objective in a long time.

I have paid full price for a game that I just d*ck around in an open world setting (really the only fun part) but to me that should not be full price. There is so many issues with its story and multiplayer that at the moment I cannot recommend this game for anyone. Once the online situation is improved sure as the game is fun but I am disappointed in all those reviewrs giving this game a 10/10. It is insulting

Rainstorm811749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

Many games have online issues....biggest one recently was SimCity & Diablo 3...also CoD4:MW was probably one of the better CoD this gen and it was in shambles at launch.

As far as the SP probably 40 hours in and still loving it...Everyone has different experiences with the game...but GTA has never been the pinnacle of video game storytelling....just the pinnacle of open world sandbox games

EDIT: Yea i haven't completed it yet but near the end, I agree that GTA5 story isn't the best, especially after playing something like TLOU, for me its the World and the myriad of things to do in attacking the nudest colony in the forest that i found ...and ill check out your blog after i finish the story, i'm always interested in others opinions, i was rushing to finish it for GTA:O but looks like i have more time to wait..unfortunately

iamnsuperman1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

I can see your point about SimCity and Diablo 3 (I would still grade the down for those issues which is the point of this article) but the single player story is pretty bad. I doesn't have to be the "pinnacle of video game storytelling" but it has to be at least good. The story doesn't make sense and when you get to the end (I assume you haven't by your comment) you may understand why I dislike it. You can check out my most recent blog here (once you have completed it) to see my more in depth thoughts on it but it is quite bad. It plays out like some bad soap just adding more "drama" to progress the story. That is bad story telling

The Heist missions annoy me to no end (very scripted) with the last one being so out of place it confuses me why it was included. Yahtzee sums up this type of game perfectly. It is an open world game until you get to the story which is so tightly controlled you get punished for doing the slightest thing "wrong" (I have paraphrased there). GTA isn't alone in this gameplay design and it needs to go because it doesn't make sense for an open world game

HammadTheBeast1749d ago

I disagree. If we give 9/10 to CoD for it's stories, GTA V should get 12/10. Characters alone and the game play lives up to the hype, the online is awesome (yes if you get in, there's 15 million other people trying, I admit it's bullshit that problems like this still exist even with the delay), there's tons of customization options, lots to do, a massive expansive and alive open world.

Mechanics are probably the best of any GTA yet.

Just my opinion, but I think it deserves the 10/10's.

Do I think it's Game of the Year? No, that goes to Last of Us, for story and gameplay mechanics alone.

Is GTA V a great game? Yes.

Rainstorm811749d ago

I don't think its overrated....but some things aren't for everybody.

You have some people that have honest gripes with the game..... but then there's those Hipsters that have to go against the grain and hate any and everything with mass popularity

starchild1749d ago

Exactly. People don't have to all have the same opinions, but it's pretty obvious when the hipster bandwagons get going and people start overexaggerating problems.

byeGollum1749d ago


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talhat21749d ago

I think its slightly overrated as it doesn't deserve a 10/10 i think it deserves a 9/10 at most, I'm having fun with the game but the only thing i would have liked more from the story mode was more heists but other than that i think its a great game.

For the online mode i can judge that as haven't got to play it yet :(.

RedDevils1749d ago

I wish there can customise our own heist, so we don't feel like there nothing else to do when we completed the game

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