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Paste: "Grand Theft Auto V is rated M, which means it’s intended for players over the age of 17. That’s too bad—you pretty much need to be in middle school to dig this game’s story or sense of humor. It’d be perfect for the sixth graders who doodle naked ladies onto their desks.

As a game and a pastime and a thing people can do Grand Theft Auto V is amazing in a few crucial ways. It’s the latest and the hottest and the biggest, if size and youth are your thing, and when you’re merely existing in its world it’s hard to dislike."

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Lovable1781d ago

Looking for hits confirmed!

Even though I believe the game is overrated, it's obviously not a 6.

-Gespenst-1781d ago

I don't know about that. I understand how hard it is to play a game with totally unlikeable protagonists, ham-fisted satire or commentary, and pervasive juvenility. Those things to me are just smothering, and they really hurt a game.

You should probably read the review, it's really quite good, and the author DOES have positive things to say about the game, very positive things.

Rainstorm811781d ago

A 6 turns off most gamers to read this article..... The game clearly isnt a 6....a 6 is pretty damn low, makes me wonder what games rated higher on this site

HammadTheBeast1781d ago

See here's the problem with reviews. The review is supposed to be about the authors opinion. This guy has a lame opinion (IMO). But is it fair to knock off 4 points for story and character alone? No. 6 is reserved for mediocre games, the average games by unknown companies, usually a first try. GTA V gets so much right, IMO it can't be less than an 8.

-Gespenst-1781d ago

Well, what you've got to understand is that objectively and quantifiably, a 6 is not actually a dismal score. The problem is that people come to associate a 6 with reviews that pan a game. 6 is straddling mediocrity but it's not fully mediocre. If anything it's "average" which is the exact sentiment I got from this review. Too many reviewers write AWFUL reviews and put 6s, 7s, and 8s at the bottom as the verdict, thus we come to see these scores as somehow "bad" when what they actually describe objectively can't be bad. These are quantitative evaluations of games, and within the boundaries set by a particular quantification, rough parameters are set for qualitative evaluation. The problem is that these boundaries are often crossed so blatantly. A 9 or a 10 = flawless and "a masterpiece", while an 8 = "mediocre". The standards are just atrocious.

Gaming1011781d ago

It's fitting the site is called "Paste", because it's probably the only thing they've been eating.

Allsystemgamer1781d ago

The fact those things turn you off instantly mean you won't enjoy GTA but it should never hinder your review because that IS what the game is SUPPOSED. To be.

It would be like reviewing an action movie and saying it sucks because you don't like explosions.

Angeljuice1781d ago

The review and score are justified. The reviewer is intelligent and articulate and able to communicate his point very well, it's bound to be contrary to the majority of posters on n4g for that very reason.

The intellectually competent minority and the dull-minded majority seldom share the same opinion on subjects (both the game and this website predominantly panda to the latter).

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iamnsuperman1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

I think it is a 6 at the moment. Poor story (has no momentum nor does it really make sense), poor characters, poor character development, stringent heist missions (either chose A or B option with no personal customisation outside you get to choice the getaway vehicle), slow start (takes hours to even get going), some of the mission are really dull (mainly side missions but there were some missions which you spend more time driving than doing), the ending is abysmal and online is a mess. For me the online will improve that score when/if it is fix put maybe by 1-1.5.

Allsystemgamer1781d ago

It makes perfect does it not? Michael gets suckered into another heist which puts him back on the FIBs list so they take advantage of him, Trevor finds out he's still alive and isn't happy his beat friend whom he mourned and nearly died several times for didn't tell him. That's just the basics but it's a LOT deeper than most game stories.

Here's a bad guy. He's killing people. You're a new found hero. Stop him. That's most stories.

snipab8t1781d ago

I cannot believe the hypocritical writing in this article. The author rates GTA V down for being 'juvenile' yet Saints Row 4 was reviewed by the same site to be 9.2/10. WTF!

Inception1781d ago

Yeah, GTA V surely had flaw but a 6/10? Even GTA IV, the worst GTA in my book, personally i gave it 7 or 8/10 because i'm still enjoying it. And GTA V are better in GTA IV.

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Avengingkinght921781d ago

Not all people see this game as a 5 star or 10 out 10 game. I find it overhype.

CaptainPunch1781d ago

Except the game is no where near a 6

KonsoruMasuta1781d ago

You don't think it's perfect? Okay, this game is not for everyone. But a six is for mediocre games. It's no less than a 7.5

T21781d ago

Surprisingly the article isnt poorly written he is basically just rating the story which can be predictable and satire so thick its cheesy at times ... His opinion is valid but the 6 is too low ...
Id give it an 8 and gtaiv a 7.5 based on still too much empty space , heavy running and jump mechanics , poor flying physics , and predictable story ... Like how unbelievable that Michael just accepts his meth head friend right back because hes bored ? Cmon ....

Good game tho ! Dont get me wrong ! Just expected a few upgrades

capjacksparrow1781d ago

I really don't care for the Grand Theft Auto games. It get's tens all around, yet the subject matter within it is something that holds games back. Drug use, unlikable protagonists, disrespect toward women and the way they are portrayed, thievery, and violence are all staples of this game. I hope the industry moves away from this, but it look like it sells too well for that to ever be a reality. It's one thing if it is justified, but I don't think these games do proper justice to any of those subject matters.

bromtown1781d ago

It's satire not glorification. A lot of people just see what's in front of them and the meaning is lost on them. If you pay attention it's obvious. For example, there was a furore over a perfume advert in game with the slogan "Smell like a bitch" - if you actually look at the advert the perfume is called 'Le Chien' which is French for dog.

Also, drug wise this game has very little, one character occasionally smokes pot and another makes meth, but you never see it, it's mentioned. Also, other media have shows all about meth and no one seems to mind.

If you play the game, pay attention and understand how life is in Modern America, the satire smacks you in the face - it's offensive, but that only makes you realise that real life is even more offensive.

iamnsuperman1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

And yet none of the characters really fit in the satire world (almost polar opposite to that). I liken it to half assed satire. The radio reports and the adverts scream satire but the actual world the characters interact (and the characters themselves) with don't (except with one exception of brief dialogue with the FIB). It is weird and I feel GTA doesn't pull of satire very well which it needs to do to be really taken seriously as a piece of satire. Otherwise it is just a controversial game (i.e. you got to go all the way)

bromtown1781d ago

That's the point! The characters don't fit in the satire world. None of them want to be there, in Los Santos, it's not real. That's why Trevor lives in the desert, Franklin wants to better himself and get out of LS and Michael is miserable in this town full of sycophants and Barbie and Ken dolls.

KonsoruMasuta1781d ago

Oh no! They use drugs and do bad things! This game is very bad! My mommy doesn't want me to play this!

Allsystemgamer1781d ago

How can the content it's based around hold it back?

That's like saying mitary shooters are held back because they're based on military situations...uh no shoznigget it would be a military shooter if it was about cops handing out candy

capjacksparrow1781d ago

It isn't ever justified. They throw a crappy story together, give it a tragic ending, and everyone says it's amazing. I think a 6/10 is about right. They do some cool stuff, don't get me wrong, but this game doesn't deserve higher scores than something like The Last of Us, nor does it deserve the sales.

bromtown1781d ago

The only character I wasn't a big fan of was Michael, but he's far from awful. Franklin and Trevor are great, especially Trevor - he's a really memorable videogame protagonist. I don't see why people don't like them. Niko was hardly Mr Charisma.

Allsystemgamer1781d ago

Niko bored me. He seemed loke everyone's b****

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