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The Mog Log: You've got to make a living in Final Fantasy XIV

Massively: "There are some issues with the game's economy, definitely, but some of those issues simply come from people being unfamiliar with how the game handles things like making money. The past several years have taught us how to make money in an MMO, but Final Fantasy XIV doesn't back those ideas up. It's a different paradigm here." (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, PC, PS3)

MoneyMeng  +   669d ago
Enough with all the hype!!!! My free month with Ff14 ARR is ending soon, but still I don't feel an urge to login to the website to instantaneously renew my subscription. I've stated before in numerous articles from the past, that FF was just another mmo that we have all seen before with just the exception that it had the name "Final fantasy" to push it forward even with all it's ills.

Through my free month of play, i leveled 2 classes to max level and obtained nearly complete dark light sets for each class. My time spent online was basically to farm either 1 of 2 instances, andampor's keep or cm. The thought of leveling another class to max level just bummed my mind knowing that it would only consist of me, grinding fates and completing repetitive, pointless quests.

The majority of the people from my fc(guild) have already stopped playing even with a week of free play still remaining. I remember one even asking, "What justifies the subscription model for this game?" Only to recieve no response due to the fact that the game does not excel in anything specific except for the graphics. It will be interesting to see what the community does after their free month of play ends, but as for me, my experience with the "Jeremy Lin" of mmos is over.
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CaptainCamper  +   669d ago
To say it excels in nothing but graphics is a bit unfair tbh.

The class system is great
The choice in leveling is good (assuming more balance is coming)
The freedom to switch classes/crafts is good
Tons of group content
Plenty of nostalgia moments for FF fans

FF is far from just "another MMO". I fully agree that many people would struggle to justify the subscription cost but that's just gaming today.
MoneyMeng  +   669d ago
The class system was a good idea burdened a boring and grindy leveling system. After hitting max level on any class you don't get the feeling of excitement or joy knowing or thinking about leveling another class to 50.
rdgneoz3  +   669d ago
The flexibility of the class system is very nice. Though after going through the story, leveling up your other classes consist of grinding fates or leves (which are limited to only a handful or tickets renewed each day). And for the crafting classes, sitting in town getting spammed by gold farmers / watching a scrolling marquee of text from them in chat.

Dungeons are fun, though the xp that you can earn in them is pretty sad after a bit compared to what you can get in a fate group in about a quarter of the time.
And that's not even counting the queues for dps. Hell, AK runs get to be a pain after a while with long queues (as a tank or healer) just waiting for an instance to be ready, while having people after when it pops or leaving the queue and it resetting on you.
That and the amount of coin you earn in a run won't even be close to paying any repair bill you get.

Hoping future patches will balance things out.

p.s. For the love of god, please put in more armor / weapon sets skins... Everything looking the same is annoying after a bit.
Lovable  +   669d ago
The game is great and no there is no hype attach to FF 14 ARR.

Guess you haven't played many MMOs, but to each his own. Glad people are getting weeded out cause of subs.
MoneyMeng  +   669d ago
Gw2, aion, Tera online, WoW, and so many more. Ff14arr does not do anything along the lines of spectacular. Whatever good ideas it does come with, gets shot right back by other parts of the game that are either broken or have a strong effect on them.

For example:

Class system - great idea burdened by a boring, grindy, repetitive leveling system. Grind fates from lvl1-50 eight times? No thank you!

Mounts/companion - anyone notice how slow these things move? Aren't they suppose to be a means for faster transportation? They run slightly faster than a person in sprint which is why the majority of ppl just teleport everywhere knowing they have to pay a fee. And if you think leveling a class is long, you are in for a HUGE surprise when you try to level a companion.

Limit breaks - good idea but implimented in a poor way. Needs more choice, I have a dps class with a healing LB. Having solo LBs would have been a nice addition as well if they balanced it correctly.

Other than these things I can't even think of anything the mmo does that others aren't already doing. Like I said, great ideas, implemented poorly or effected severely by other annoyances which is why they are hardly noticeable.
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Azmatik  +   669d ago
moneymeng are you insane your serisouly giving off the vibe that this game does nothing lol noone listen to him. LB are implemented in a poor way? obviously ur a bard I know what ur talking about so leme tell you what ur role as a bard is, SUPPORT hmmm makes sense that support LB is heals you have no idea what ur talking about if u think bards are full dps lol this game is ment to be hard and not everyone can just run around with full AF2 gear or full coil gear its actually an accomplishment to get that kind of gear and have companions max rank but obviously casuals like you that want everything handed and get catered to don't understand the meaning of a hard MMO why do u think u barely see anyone with coil of bahamut gear cause its not a walk in the park.
SirBradders  +   669d ago
I am enjoying it and i already have renewed my sub, i understand what your saying but in november/december there is a huge 2.0 update introducing alot of things for endgame and generally more content so why dont you wait till the update and give it another go.
MoneyMeng  +   669d ago
It's good that you are enjoying it and for awhile I was as well. Still I can't imagine myself playing two or three more months just doing two instances or grinding fates just to get some pvp or more content. Continuing to play it now for me would be similar to going to job that you hate, you do it, you don't like or enjoy it. Also it isn't certain if the pvp will be anything special, as for now it is all just speculation and assumptions on whether it will be good or not.
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SirBradders  +   668d ago
@moneymeng im not trying to start an argument but you do come across like you really hate this game or square for that matter. Listen to my story im new to mmo's so for me this is a good introduction to them.
Also mmo's are all generally the same just like fps's, beat em ups, adventure etc... and from what i have heard this game will be updated massively and square are trying to do things abit different bringing player housing, pvp, the crystal tower more dungeons, mini games (the flying saucer from ff7), crazy ass new mini bosses. Look on the link below thats already planned for 2 - 2.3 update and thats only the main bits obviously there will be more, i think thats pretty ambitious for the next update.

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Azmatik  +   669d ago
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MoneyMeng  +   668d ago
If you havent noticed yet, this game is designed for casual players! You act as if it's impossible to get AF2 gear. Everyone, even first time mmo players can acquire it with time, all they have to do to acquire it is farm AK for months. You say the game is meant to be hard, but there is nothing "hard" about the game except wasting your long hard time grinding fates or running 1 or 2 instances whenever you are online.

You dont know what hard is if you think spending countless months of time to acquire something that shouldnt even take that long (300myth cap) is "hard." If there was no cap on how many myth tomes a person could acquire per week, do you still think nobody would be wearing this "hard" to acquire AF2 gear by now? No, it's just SE's way of making you waste time to stay on their game longer. If this game wanted any competition or difficulty, there would be class trees to distinguish the good players from the bad and you wouldnt see everybody wearing AF2 gear in the next upcoming months.

Also yes, it would be nice to be able to choose your limit breaks, for instance, if you have a party with all healing limit breaks, it would be nice to switch your LB to match certain situations.
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