Battlefield 101: Five Basic Training Tips

Brian: "Battlefield 4! It’s here!…kinda…The game is currently running its beta phase and if you are anything like me, you probably pumped 5+ hours of your life into the game already. With that being said, some of you may be new to the franchise, some of you may be coming over from other first-person shooters and some of you may be double dipping your FPS-ery. In any event, here are some basic training tips that could save you or your teammates life."

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yarbie10001778d ago

K/D doesn't true

MeatheadMilitia1778d ago

Especially in a game like Battlefield where you might die half a dozen times trying to take a position or being the lamb to help your teammates advance and capture.

boogey1571778d ago

It is about winning as a team

BOVICE471778d ago

yea i hate people talk about their k/d like it means something XD

yamelmegames1778d ago

It's all about that win/lose ratio! Also, look at some of the people who have a high KDR. Their score per minute is weak -- a lot of recon/campers. I don't care if you have the highest or lowest KD known to man. Are you going to play your kit and the objective? Good, welcome to the team.

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MeatheadMilitia1778d ago

What are some tips you like to give to FPS players?

Hufandpuf1778d ago

The spot button on xbox 360 is to tap the RB button. Found that out after a while.

MeatheadMilitia1778d ago

Awesome! Spotting is definitely key, especially if you see someone or something and you're no where near an engagement distance! Great tip

boogey1571778d ago

Don't like the new spot button location. Final game will probably have alternate controls

MeatheadMilitia1778d ago

I'm sure they will have alternate controls

BOVICE471778d ago

i shall use this in my art of killing...thanks

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