Settle Down, Folks. You'll Be Playing GTA Online Soon

GameInformer: "Gamers have predictably responded to GTA Online's server problems by heading to comments sections in an inconsolable rage. This is why they need to chill out."

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GarrusVakarian1749d ago

Go to the GTA5 forums, there you will see a perfect example of whining, self entitled, spoiled brats who think the world owes them something. Ive never seen people act so immature and over the top in my life.

Yes, this sucks and im annoyed that R* didn't anticipate this. But at the same time i half expected this, a game this popular was never going to have a smooth launch. I just hope its fixed relatively quickly because im itching to get back on.

abusador1748d ago

again with your b.s. Everyone doesnt have to feel the way you feel. We pay 60.00 to play the game in its entirety, not wait two weeks due to incompetence and then when two weeks pass by we cant even get into a game. Ive never played an mp game i couldnt get into the first day or at least by the end of the day. Now its going on day 3 and i still cant get into a game.

You can half expect bs like this but even a super popular game like COD has their mp running by the end of the day so take that "oh too many ppl trying to play at same time" argument somewhere else.

Rockstar sux at mp anyway so what do you expect?

GarrusVakarian1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

"Everyone doesnt have to feel the way you feel"

What?! I never said anyone had

"ve never played an mp game i couldnt get into the first day or at least by the end of the day. Now its going on day 3 and i still cant get into a game. "

But at the same time there's never been a MP launch as big as this. With R* not being too good with the MP side of things, the fact they had to deal with world record numbers is asking alot. Sucks for you that you can't get on because im about to start a vehicle deathmatch with 2 friends, ive been all day long and i was on all day long yesterday. So for me personally, GTAO has been a success.

abusador1748d ago


Again i made my point clearly!!!! COD games have just as big of a launch with millions trying to get online and mp was playable at launch!

"Sucks for me"? I have over 100 games lol and game on a 120 inch favi screen with a 1080p hd projector (maybe sucks to be you lol) and it doesnt affect me as i just jump on another game like Puppetteer, Rain, Mlb the Show, Dark Souls,etc...

Sux to be them because next time i wont spend a dime on a Rockstar game, especially since im already bored of GTA5 and rarely feel the hype of the Rockstar games.

310dodo1749d ago

I havent been able to see much past walking into the blue area to start the race and then freeze or send me to single player.

sucks but this should have been expected.
hopefully I can play it right with-in the week lol

Sam Fisher1749d ago

Try making a char from the second slot worked for me

310dodo1749d ago

thanks dude

I will try this right now when I get on.
maybe I can play/see more as my character

math1749d ago

People totally shouldn't be upset about something that they paid for actually working. Stupid people, I can't believe they actually want stuff to work. I swear, you give them an inch...

abusador1748d ago

Yeah the dummies calling ppl entitled are ridiculous. We had to wait two weeks and then when two weeks passes by we still cant get online. Its going on day three and I ad most of my friends still cant get fully in a game. That is inexcusable.