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Some PS+ Members Are Being Charged For This Month’s Free Game; Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning

Players who downloaded the game by the now-defunct 38 Studios and Big Huge Games for free on Playstation Plus may want to check their Bank Account. (Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning, PlayStation, PS3)

Hard to tell
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malokevi  +   518d ago
Bummer. Can't imagine this wont be rectified.
aceitman  +   518d ago
uhhh it will ask to take it out ur wallet before u buy something .
Transporter47  +   518d ago
I was going to buy it accidentally as the update wasn't up yet, it goes unto shopping cart where teh price is either 19.99 or 0.00 if you wait for the store to update, if you try to do it before the store updates its going to charge you.
Blackdeath_663  +   518d ago
exactly don't know how people just blindly purchased it without thinking
FamilyGuy  +   517d ago
Sucks for people that don't pay attention while clicking buttons. I always make sure it says 0.00 before grabbing the PS+ stuff because I've seen things I thought were free because I saw The PS+ sign and yellow text only to focus in an notice they were discounted items rather than free items. This isn't entirely the same but they did have a chance to notice the price.
Reverent  +   517d ago
I have this weird paranoia where even after downloading something for free, I'll check my bank account online to make sure nothing was taken out lol.

There is no such thing as being too paranoid haha...
ThanatosDMC  +   517d ago
Agreed. Pics/Videos or it didnt happen.
GameSpawn  +   517d ago
Listed as Free when I checked my PS Store on my PC at work (I have PS+ btw).

I have no reason to download it as I have owned Amalur since launch. It's a REALLY good game that I highly recommend people who haven't played it try.

It's a shame that 38 Studios went under as this was a glorious game and a nice refresher to the action RPGs that we have been getting. It would have also been nice for 38 to stay around long enough to put out a few more patches as Amalur has a few minor glitches. Nothing too game breaking, but a little annoying; don't let this stop you from trying this game.
DigitalAnalog  +   517d ago
How does this happen anyways? Don't you just go directly the PS+ tab AND selecting THE FREE GAMES TAB?

Or do people actively just search the damn game and immediately download it. I mean for crying out loud the UI is clunky as hell, enough time for you to observe whether or not you provide the purpose or not.
WorldGamer  +   518d ago
I downloaded this last night and got it for free. I'll check again to make sure, but no money was removed from my account that I can tell.

lodossrage  +   518d ago
I can't speak for anyone else
But I know my bank account is untouched and I grabbed my copy of Kindgoms of Amalur off PS plus without fail or problems.
Majin-vegeta  +   518d ago
Same here.
SeanScythe  +   517d ago
same here on two different ps3 systems
DarkBlood  +   518d ago
i dont have anything attached to my account so im good
raWfodog  +   517d ago
That's the way to go. Don't leave any credit card information on file and nothing can get 'accidentally' charged to you. If possible, use PSN cards to make your purchases and try to not leave any money sitting in your wallet.
DarkBlood  +   517d ago
thats what i started doing for the most part. i bought a psplus card, if i wanted anything else additionally i'll get the desired amount by buying a card depending specfically on the purchase i intend to make.

which is why there should be more options other then $20 and $50 cards

edit: i couldnt even use my credit card for some reason anyways though i was able too before and theres nothing actually wrong with it as i used it elsewhere
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Redinfamy  +   518d ago
Reasons why I don't attach my bank info to any of the systems, you never know what hiccups may occur.
Bowzabub  +   518d ago
When the store first updated it was coming up as a full game trial for PS+ subs and $19.99 for the full game, then after a bit it came up correctly as a free game. I always remove my billing info directly after purchases and I would suggest doing the same to anyone else.
Excalibur  +   518d ago
Got mine Free with no issues.
Skate-AK  +   518d ago
That's because people try to download it before the store is fully updated. It either says a price or free so I don't see how someone could not see that.
Ohlmay  +   518d ago
Wow Sony, Microsoft would never do this... Oh wait.
SyrusRiddick  +   518d ago
Sony fucks up and it has nothing to do with Microsoft what so ever and you try to find a way to bash them anyways god I hate how some idiots make us all look bad.
KonsoruMasuta  +   517d ago
Yeah, they wouldn't charge you for free games! They would put it up for free and console ban you for downloading it.
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Jamiex66  +   518d ago
I had my full list of Plus games this month get charged to my bank account. A simple call to Sony, an apology later and Sony was happy to refund the cash to my account.
T2  +   517d ago
What ? You should write an article about it ! Preferably with one word per page and requiring readers to click each page ...lol
Jamiex66  +   517d ago
You should work for IGN ;)
blackblades  +   518d ago
Bet it was a bunch of morons trying to download it while store not being updated or while being updated. We don't need articles bout this it's there own fault. Also noobs.
Section8  +   517d ago
Wow. Your level of intelligence suggests apes are a lot smarter than you.
Lon3wolf  +   517d ago
And your "witty" response says the same about you.

I have never been charged for PS+ freebies, these guys must of done something wrong.
LightningMokey  +   517d ago
It was a store error. I ran into the problem (though was smart enough not to buy it..) It would say Free and then i'd go to download and it would take me to purchase it. I waited it was fixed and I downloaded it Free.

People just don't have common sense.
ShinnokDrako  +   518d ago
Uhm... never happened to me. But doesn't it ask you (or at least show you) the money or to add funds when you're going to pay something? I mean, when you get the game, after it tells you "$/€0" or "$/€39.99 whatever", i always check. Unless it was 0 and ppl paid anyway, but even in that moment you can call Sony and they give you the money back.
WeAreLegion  +   517d ago
The users weren't paying attention. Sony refunds these people every time, too.
Avernus  +   517d ago
Loving the game. I didn't get charged for it. Sucks for people that didn't pay attention.
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Joe913  +   517d ago
I had to download it like 3 or 4 times the first time I did it through the website while at work and it tried to charge me 19.99 so I waited till I got home then tried again it downloaded the demo so I deleted that and tried again and it downloaded the one hour trial so I deleted that one and tried again then it wokred.
nick309  +   517d ago
What a mess for 1 free game you went through, didnt happen to me though .
GABRIEL1030  +   517d ago
I downloaded for free, nothing to report. Another big game for Plus users :D
LightningMokey  +   517d ago
I had this problem for about an hour after it was put up. Would say it was free and then try to take the 19.99 out of my wallet. I used my eyes to read what was going on (as apparently not many people know how to read these days.) and decided to wait for it to be fixed. Went to work, came back and it was working fine I got it for free. Sony fixed it relatively quick and people need to just think before buying stuff.

KOA is really fun btw :)

I hope Sony buys up this IP.
prodg52  +   517d ago
Most PS plus games have the price crossed out and the words FREE under it. I saw this game in the PS plus section, but the price was still $19.99. So I didn't download it until the store was updated. It only takes a second to check these things out. I understand that some gamers get excited though:)
pkb79  +   517d ago
Free for me though I have a disc copy from a $20 bargain bin.

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