Grand Theft Auto Online Launch Updates

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Thank you everyone for continuing to bear with us since yesterday’s initial roll out of Grand Theft Auto Online – we’re aware that a variety of technical difficulties have made it difficult to get access and that the experience has been a bit less than smooth for many of you who jumped in straight away, so here are a few updates as of this afternoon to keep you all apprised.

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boldscot1778d ago

Just what exactly was the 2 week delay for?
You would have had less people trying to access your server 2 weeks ago but now most people are finished the story and all trying to access the servers.

BlackTar1871778d ago


They waited 2 weeks so everyone was just waiting and waiting to play online. They go live and every customer who had the intention of playing online hoped on at the same time.

They should have done a ticket system over a 2 week period to slowly let people in based on login creation time. Would have been better because if they had issues and it hit 2 weeks they could just open it up and get the same results they currently are facing.

-Foxtrot1778d ago

Least then people could play the story mode while they waited to get on during that two week period.

After two weeks of waiting a ton of people have probably completed the single player story mode so of course they wanted to get on at the same time.

The way Rockstar has handled this seems silly to me...must of spent too much prancing around naked in all the money they made.

3-4-51778d ago

The 2 week delay was so we could experience and enjoy the single player first.

a lot of people would have just gone online and judged the game from that and you know how that goes.

I was lucky enough yesterday to play for 4-5 hours with no problems online and it was honestly, possibly more fun than the single player.

There is a real sense of surviving when you know there are 15 others who could potentially take you out.

When I get money, first thing I do is head to an ATM to store it.

You don't do that in single player, but in Online it adds another element of suspense.

Emilio_Estevez1778d ago

fyi, you don't need an atm, you can do it on your phone.

abusador1778d ago

You believe tht b.s.? Don't be naive, the two Weeks was buying then time bcus the online wasnt ready, the way it still isn't ready. Some of you fans Believe anything.

6YardsOut1778d ago

I'll give it another try then later. Haven't been on for about 15 hours.

Shazz1778d ago

i got on earlier like an hour ago , was smooth tbh

paul-p19881778d ago

Yup, major issues last night, but i was playing at 6am GMT just before work, 16player game (I was the only European playing, 15 Americans and 1 Englishman lol) and was incredibly smooth.

I was expecting it to judder a little like GTA4, especially when as a passenger, but with 3 of us in a car and drive-bys galore there were no problems!

Brix901778d ago

Haven't been able to get on so disappointed.

GarrusVakarian1778d ago

Been playing all day, now i can't connect to R* cloud servers.

Outsider-G1778d ago

Same here. Now my character was deleted.

Pintheshadows1778d ago

Apparently they are still there, but because you can't access the cloud they can't be retrieved and you are overwriting them each time you create a new character. I'd honestly leave it for now if you can't connect to the cloud.

Outsider-G1778d ago

@PinTheShadows - Yeah, hopefully I didn't overwrite it by going to the online character screen.

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The story is too old to be commented.