BEYOND Two Souls Demo Impressions

MasonicGamer: Beyond Two Souls is the latest game from David Cage and I assure you, no one hates videogames more than this man. Like Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain before it, BEYOND Two Souls constantly puts gameplay second in order to go down the “cinematic” route. Rather than embrace the greatness that is gaming, David Cage seems to think that the act of actually “PLAYING” the game will somehow affect his ability to tell the story he wants to tell.

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Seraphemz1817d ago

When I go watch a movie made by Michael Bay...i know what im getting into. Just like if I watch a Stanley Kubrick film...i know what im getting.

When you play a David Cage game, you should know what you are getting into.

I actually like the gameplay. I loved Indigo Prophecy. I really loved Heavy Rain. And I cant wait for this game.

neocores1817d ago

The graphic the gameplay are just amazing i cant wait to get this game:D


The graphics yes, the gameplay? LOL

Section81817d ago

Apparently you can only only play certain types of games.....shame.

hulk_bash19871817d ago

The graphics HELL YES, the gameplay? Awesome!!!


@Section8 LOL idk what r u talking about, im goin to enjoy this game but not for its gameplay which is poor, i mean its like TWD, only press a few buttons everytime in a while and thats it, i found nothing impressive in that

aNDROiD17_1817d ago

i loved being aiden and choking that bitch to death :)

chrissx1817d ago

This is definately shaping up to be a great game. Very good grapics and cage's writings are quite good. Must play 4 me

tigertron1817d ago

I really enjoyed the demo and as a Heavy Rain fan next week can't come soon enough.

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The story is too old to be commented.