Xbox One Top Features

A look at the top features that are unique for the Xbox One.

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1OddWorld1814d ago

Also, features $100 higher price tag and features a less powerful console then its competitor.

yarbie10001814d ago

It also offers you unique experiences & features for that $100. You don't buy a console for power. You buy it for the features. If your concern is power - buy a PC.

I have a decent graphics card - GTX 680. I can already play good looking games. I'm looking for unique experiences.

Lalanana1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

It was a nice audio. Nice to see someone not be close minded about xbox one kinect 2.0.

I for one always was curious on how devs will use kinect in the future. Only time will tell. Looking forward to see how this develops.

@yarbie1000 obviously 1oddworld is trolling. no need to reply to those type of people. I just ignore them.

1OddWorld1814d ago

So you are saying that they should list "unique experiences" as a feature? Because that would be more honest than there current PR campaign. And you agree that XBOne is a less powerful console.

Then we are in total agreement.

_QQ_1814d ago

"I have a decent graphics card - GTX 680." lol decent? we all know you are maxing with that card, you aren't fooling anyone

Rainstorm811814d ago

I dont how you got that many agrees....I never buy a console for features, i buy them for the games

Features are a distant Second

UltimateMaster1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Red Dragon Video:
Xbox One:
-Impulse Triggers.
-Smart Match Making; Reputation System
-Kinect, heartbeat.

-100$ cheaper
-Apps are free;
-Free to play can be played online for free
-Touch Pad, Speaker, Motion Sensor+Light Bar AR, Share button
-Vita Remote Play, or Vita TV Remote Play.

1814d ago
DeadManIV1813d ago

If you want unique experiences, don't waste your money on an xbone,, buy an oculus rift and razr hydra

FamilyGuy1813d ago

Ugh, why is this video 11 minutes long, i could list these off in 60 seconds.

gamer20131813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

I'm right there with ya yarbie. Can't wait to see how devs implement Kinect voice commands with games I really liked how it worked with Mass Effect.

As for the differences in power between the two machines I don't care about an extra couple of frames or pixels that the PS4 may do. I care more about the games and online. I'm sure the X1 won't disappoint.

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_QQ_1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

no one even mentioned Sony.. why not just let xbox fans be excited about the console?

edit: how sad,i feel bad for you.

TechMech21814d ago

You fanboys need to realize that you can't comprehend that OTHER PEOPLE HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS THAN YOU

AngelicIceDiamond1813d ago

How bout these features?

1).Mod support
2).Cloud Processing (300 000 dedicated servers)
3).Smart-Match and advanced match making
4).Unlimited cloud storage
5).Kinect 2.0 has some great potential and complete navigation through the console
6).Dynamic and progressive achievements
7.)Xbox Smartglass
8.)Improved Reputation system
9.)Customizable UI
10.)One Gold account shared across all accounts
11.)Snap Mode. And Snap anything, and up to 4 apps a time.
12.)Windows PC compatible
13.)1000 friends list, Unlimited followers.

otherZinc1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )


It also features the ONLY next gen console that has a game that does *Both*
1080p "native" @ 60fps!
Forza Motorsport 5, period!

DigitalRaptor1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

You like lying, don't you?

News just in:

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Kingthrash3601814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

rumble fearture in triggers are a great thing....its just the fact that it will drink battery life out of thos AA batteries. such a fail not to include the rechargable battery. imoimoimoimo thats my opinion.gotta let theat be known before people start yelling fanboy at my comment.
1. rumble triggers
2. servers/cloud
3. kinect 2.0
also imo the snap feature shoulda made this list over kinect 2.0

MeatheadMilitia1814d ago

I'm not much of a features guy, but this was well done

GiggMan1814d ago

Yeah I'm getting the PS4 first but would love to have the rumble triggers feature. That's pretty well done.

cell9891814d ago

there are definitely more negatives about the xbone than there are positives, but it does have its pros, like Kinect, snap feature, and the untapped powa of teh cloud, 1080p skype?

Seriously speaking, I would really like a rabid xbox fan to tell me some of the good features of the xbone, but please some one that actually knows their shit, no false information please.

Be honest and no BS spinning like the forsaken AMD embargo on the GPU or "secret sauce" rumors. Hard Data please, Im looking forward to it, Im in the border of pre-ordering an xbone but still not quite convinced.

Rainstorm811814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

If you havent preordered a XBone or PS4 by now... you arent getting one

PickAShoe1814d ago

or he can buy whenever.

cell9891814d ago

I got the PS4 preodered launch edition, initially I did not want an xbone at all, but more and more I feel like it could be a good console, still not convinced tho

Rainstorm811814d ago

@ sir what

Well i said PS or Xbox One , and reason being SOLD OUT

Unless he's willing to be extorted on EBAY or wait.

I also have the PS4 preordered i plan on getting the XBox when the price drops to 400$

Mystogan1813d ago

I haven't preordered. I plan on getting the X1 in January.

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TechMech21814d ago

Xbox live is better than playstation network. I bought a ps3, hated the online. Bought an xbox 360, loved the online. Sony fanboys haven't realized that Xbox live is what makes Xbox good. Not the power. The online multiplayer.

DigitalRaptor1812d ago

What is it with you braindead folk comparing current generation online services and acting like they translate over to a new generation?

And online multiplayer makes Xbox good? What if you don't like online multiplayer? Is Xbox bad for that?

TechMech21812d ago

I would personally say Xbox is a bad system if you don't enjoy online, yes. PlayStation has much better single player set of franchises.

Godmars2901814d ago

not hearing anything of real value from this or the PS4 video. Just wastes of time.

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