Battlefield 4's Impressive Resolution Scale Option Planned To Appear In More Frostbite 3 Games

One of the most impressive graphical options introduced by the beta of Battlefield 4 is the "Resolution Scale" option.

Today Frostbite Technical Director Johan Andersson confirmed that the plan is to use it on more games using the engine.

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JsonHenry1777d ago

I love the sampling option!

Abriael1777d ago

Yeah, it's probably the best "innovation" they introduced with battlefield4. All PC games should have it.

BiggCMan1777d ago

For the love of all that is holy, can any of you guys, or anyone else who read this, tell me how to get this mess running?

I'm running an i5 2500k with a gtx 580, and something is wrong with it. I'm pretty sure it is indeed on my end, as plenty of people I know are able to play it. Even a buddy with a 560 ti is running ultra no problem.

Basically, i'm not just getting slow frame rate (5-10 maybe), but it also, I don't know what to call it, sort of hiccups really badly. Almost looks like it freezes, then plays, freezes, plays etc.. All with bad frame rate. I think I've heard that called stuttering or shuttering or something.

I've got the beta driver, but it didn't help at all. On low settings it's still unplayable and it's so frustrating. I re-installed it, and it helped only slightly, but it's still unplayable and I have no idea what to do.

KazHiraiFTW1777d ago


Sounds like you are running out of vram. Did you try lower resolutions and low AA? If that isn't it maybe a bad driver install. Use driver fusion to delete and Nvidia clean install option.

Abriael1777d ago

if you get stutter, low video ram should be the issue. I would try lowering the graphics options a bit.

Also, use Razer's Game Booster, it does wonder in juicing more resources from your system.

Pandamobile1777d ago

I managed to get the beta playing on my laptop by dialing down the resolution scale.

It looks like an N64 game, but hey, it does work!

3-4-51777d ago

This basically confirms it for Star Wars Battlefront then right ?

Lionalliance1777d ago

The entire game just feels different from BF3, gonna take time to get used to it.

Majin-vegeta1777d ago

Yea feels like DC had a hand in the movement xD.Still good game none the less.

JunioRS1011777d ago

Hmm as long as it's not somehow lazy, than yeah okay I can dig it.

xKugo1777d ago

It's a great feature and should definitely be adopted by several game developers utilizing the engine. I can definitely see this leveling the playing field a bit between people with good and average rigs. Beastly rigs will always be better though..

starchild1777d ago

It really is a nice feature to have.