Norwegian Breakaway Features Video Game Floor

In addition to featuring Wii U on a 2-story screen, the new Norwegian Breakaway allows kids to play an assortment of games on an interactive play floor. Youth Counselor Andrew Greig demos the technology in this exclusive video.

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mhunterjr1819d ago

I just got back from a cruise to Bermuda on this ship. It was a great time, but I didn't notice the wii u.

PoSTedUP1818d ago

we have something like that at my local mall, on the floor. different games like soccer etc. and it has better graphics xD.

k2d1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

These are the guys who are developing that 1. person/toddler occulus rift horror game, right?

Edit: No, that was Krillbite Studio, sorry guys :)