Review: Grand Theft Auto V is both amazing and disappointing - Canada

Maybe our expectations for Rockstar’s open world epic were just unreasonable.

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pat_11_51665d ago

GTA V is awesome, but It has a ton of shortcomings I think a lot of people are overlooking.

-Foxtrot1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

It's the little things which bug me, small things which don't break the game or spoil it but could of made it a lot better

My main nit pick was the three characters, I liked them but there was always one your going to like the most. I'd rather have Trevor as the main character and the other two were NPC's you got to control at certain times when on a mission. I don't like how when buying properties you have to spilt them between characters or certain missions like the strangers and freaks are only available to that certain character

Gaming1011665d ago

lol really?
Telling 3 stories instead of just one story was only possible by making you see in detail through the eyes of each character, and all the characters they interact with, you would never empathize with each character otherwise. Each character needs to be their own individual, and have their own missions.

This is why Rockstar is making the game, and not idiots on the internet who know nothing about game design.

3-4-51665d ago

The thing is, they did so much right, that the things they did wrong or messed up on, are kind of covered up.

You don't focus on the 5-10 things that are iffy when there is 50 really cool things to do.

They screwed a few things up though and didn't live up to my expectations on at least a handful of ideas.

This game is still a 9.3/10 though.....even with those mistakes.

That is what 4 years of development does.

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GarrusVakarian1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Only thing that's disappointing about GTA5 is current gen limitations. I had sky high hopes for this game and even with current gen limits,its shattered them. Amazing game.

yezz1665d ago

May I ask what are the limitations you are facing? For me the game looks amazing and I've had no problems other than very few tiny framerate drops when there is many things going on at the same time..

GarrusVakarian1665d ago

I agree, it does look amazing given the fact its running on 7 year old tech. I just think it would benefit from the power of next gen consoles and PC. Better frame rate, better resolution (the game is jaggie as hell) more features that have been cut due to memory limitations.

yezz1665d ago

I do agree it would look and feel even better with next gen.. But it still looks and feels good. I'm actually a bit scared how high peoples hopes are rising for smoothness and graphics if gta v is a dissapointment in those areas.

Are people complaining if games aren't looking like real life in 10 years, where does it end? :S

Lovable1665d ago

Guess all the hype is over huh?

01animeking1665d ago

I enjoyed GTA V and it's a good game but i think it's overated

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