Microsoft's Xbox One ad lists 1080p/60, Adaptive A.I and Exclusive DLCs in Bulletpoints

Microsoft just launched a new ad on their website. This ad has apparently focused on some of the highlights for Xbox One. Some of these points include "Support for 1080p/60fps for Cinematic Realism", Adaptive A.I and Exclusive DLCs for FIFA 14, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4.

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1OddWorld1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Upscaled 1080p and 60fps every now and again.

When you think next gen "please" look no further than the XBOne, because you might just find it.

Fireseed1812d ago

Just wanna point out something here. You have all completely lost what it means to play video games. You can all keep counting your pixels, meanwhile I'll beat the hell out of a ice alien as a werewolf. Or repel a barbarian invasion on Rome. Concept and game play trump all.

GiggMan1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

They could have easily just said HD gaming but they specifically said 1080P 60fps...

You can still "beat the hell out of a ice alien" but you won't be doing it in 1080P 60FPS like Microsoft is trying to insinuate...

thekhurg1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

I'll play some free to play titles on launch day, deal with the Helghast, check out some great Indie games (especially the free ones), and participate in some social-inspired racing.

Oh and I won't be compromising graphics as much, but still having a lot of fun.

gaelic_laoch1812d ago

M$ were the first to lose sight of what gaming was about this upcoming gen by allowing their marketing team stick a dollar sign on every feature their device has!

Pogmathoin1812d ago

Fireseed, its better to pause the game and count polygons and resolution than it is to play the game, otherwise, what can you brag about?

BlackTar1871812d ago

Fireseed ,

i;m not blaming you but i am blaming the american media for turning video games into Comparison bragging rights.

All you have to do is compare the list of people who would gloat about 1 less screen tear to the list of people now saying its not that important to get a real feel for the hypocrisy on this site.

I still hold a grudge with the Ghostbusters debacle. That game was awesome and fun and got slandered thru the media and ended up costing it sales for sure. Ill never forget that one had a great time playing it but all you read about was slander and hate form the media for a month after its release.

DeadManIV1812d ago

And I will enjoy the offerings of Naughty Dog, Media Molecule and Sony Santa Monica, as well as Killzone and The Order. I love a good story.

cell9891812d ago

the times have changed, you cant get lazy with graphics anymore ala COD. High quality games now offer amazing gameplay, top notch gfx, and awesome story see The Last Of Us. Why constrict yourself to one side of the coin when you can have both

1OddWorld1812d ago


You didn't exactly disagree with my statement. You just said gaming is the only thing that matters. Now I ask you who has the better gaming track record? Sony or Microsoft.

christocolus1812d ago

Will you be getting dr3 and ryse? Will definitly be playing co-op and multiplayer...eagerly waiting for halo5 and titanfall too...those games will cause a war on xbx had better get xbx live super ready for the launch of those games...and yaaay no more jerks

XtraTrstrL1812d ago

Then why even upgrade to a new console? They're still making games with great concepts and gameplay for current gen for a few more years. Going by your logic, there's no reason to even get a next gen system then.

hellzsupernova1812d ago

I lead that invasion in total war :)
But I agree I hate how everything is about power and frames and crap that doesn't matter
Guess what matters the games end of story. And I'm a bit of a playstation fanboy and avid pc gamer. but I won't put down people for wanting or buying or playing another console.

Bimkoblerutso1812d ago


I think the point is that it doesn't really matter who has the BETTER track record (if something like that could even be objectively proven in the first place).

All of the "big three" have made incredible, industry-defining games over the years, whether it be for pushing polygons or an incredible story or just damn fun gameplay.

Brand loyalty is a completely irrational and erroneous behavior in an industry that has so much more to offer than what is offered on a single console.

JokesOnYou1812d ago

Name which one of these bullet points dont exist at launch? Right, all of them do and will be only more prevelant throughout the life cycle of the platform.= Non story specifically created for n4g.

PsylentKiller1812d ago


I completely forgot about Media Molecule. Once they drop there game or ND drops theirs, I'll be picking up a PS4. For now I will stick with Ryse and DR3.

1812d ago
DigitalRaptor1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

You're saying this like it's an old thing.

The same was happening this entire gen on the side of the 360 fanboys. Lens of Truth, pixel counting etc etc. It doesn't matter, as all the things the fanboys were saying about this gen have reversed and the same fanboys are changing their tune, pretending things they bragged about are not so important anymore - like they always do.

nukeitall1812d ago

If I wanted the best visual fidelity that money can buy, I would buy a PC. No console can touch PC, even with next generation consoles compared to PCs right now!

I buy consoles because I like the ease of use, the features and the exclusives. In that regard, instant switching, interactive TV, side by side gaming, smart matchmaking and Kinect makes my choice really easy. Top it off with games like Titanfalls, Ryse, Quantum Break, and Project Spark, and there is no question Xbox One is my first choice.

I still have PS4 on preorder though. Preordered the first day it was available, but other than KZ I don't see why I would want to keep it. Maybe I should just wait or sell the PS4.

LonChaneyTV1812d ago

It says they support 1080p 60fps, for games like Forza 5.

Resolution and framerate is still up to developers, always been this way for consoles.

Crazay1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

That's true fireseed....I think Nintendo proved (surprised even)that to every single one of us with the Wii.

thechosenone1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

And I'm sure you'd be saying the same thing if it was the PS4 that couldn't do 1080p/60fps, right? Yeah right...

ForgivenZombie1811d ago

Exactly, also wait for 2nd and 3rd batch of games to see the consoles and what they're capable of.

TrollCraftTales1811d ago

Most people would rather have both sides of the coin (Good Graphics and Good Gameplay) But if we were forced to choose one side or the other, I am sure most people would choose gameplay over graphics...

Hitman07691811d ago

@Fireseed Comment of the century.

jmc88881811d ago

Since when is 'gameplay' a reason it's ok to lie on your advertising?

It is a lie. Oh I know that legally it isn't a lie. But we all know what misinformation they are trying to wrongly place in people's heads....

That Xbox One will be a 1080p/60 machine, which is so isn't.

I don't even consider the PS4 that. But it's a hell of a lot closer, and actually will be having games come out this year that is 1080p/60 in some form or fashion.

Also power affects gameplay. You get better concepts and better ability to translate those into gameplay with more power.

Thus yes, power matters. Especially when the more expensive media machine has less power for gaming.

Pogmathoin1811d ago

Oddworld... Fireseed is talking about gaming, understand? He does not care about either company.... Understand? Thats hard to understand for some fanboys...

Army_of_Darkness1811d ago

Good lordie!!! 300,000 servers!?!? Sign me up ms and upscale me to 1080p pllllleeeease :-P

AbortMission1811d ago

Ryse is a trash game. Let's not pretend it's incredible simply because you're an Xbox fan (boy) lmfao

minimur121811d ago

I don't want to play the fanboy here, but I'm going to have to negatise a bit of this:
-Next Gen graphics :1080p/60fps - On select games
-Adaptive AI - From what it seems, Forza only.
-Your Choice: Buy trade sell etc. - REALLY listed as a feature?
-300,000 servers - How many of which are digital?
-The whole games plus entertainment section - at a cost of $60 a year. I can't believe services like Skype, nextflix are behind a paywall. Nearly everything is on X-1
-Game DVR - 5 minutes only, 3x less that PS4
-Next generation LIVE - wtf is this? every service always gets regular update, what MS are'nt updated live currently because theyre saving the updates for One. So they have multiple updates ready probably for the next few months/years

sorry, but most of this is the sort of thing that if you don't use your mind, it seems cool, but if you actually think about this, it's pathetic

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1811d ago

B-b-b-b-but Fireseed! All the cool kids on the internet are telling me that we're playing ROPS and FLOPS and RAMS!!!

ACE this!

I agree with you man. I blame hipsters and their stupid ways!

Deadpoolio1811d ago

It's no different than the moronic Xbots who beat their drums like Micro$haft about TIMED exclusive DLC...Again TIMED.....Most people don't care about waiting 30 days to get map packs.....

Meanwhile the exclusive things Sony gets generally stay EXCLUSIVE

quenomamen1811d ago

Yea, u still playing NES contra on a 15 inch color tube TV ? Bet your not even buying a next gen console right ?

FamilyGuy1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

It's a pretty nice ad, highlights many of the X1 features to entice people to buy it. It's exactly what the ad should be showing. They only have one title confirmed to be 1080p 60fps so they better get their act together and have more games at that level before they get sued for false advertisement. LOL, They had to add selling trading and playing used games as a "feature" because there are some people that still think they're blocking those things. Not everyone is as informed as a N4G reader, I had a buddy at work that didn't know.

I hope Sony post a similar list of all their features, from all the things I've read and heard about on here Sonys list would be huge in comparison to MSs but it's really all about the features you want, not just the quantity and for me Sony has both those aspects in check.

DragonKnight1811d ago

I love the fallacy of those trying to negate Fireseed's point by saying "then why are you getting a next gen console?" or "i bet you're still playing NES on a CRTV then right?"

Fireseed's point is valid even if he had the absolute best possible PC in the world. A new gen doesn't just mean upgraded graphics, it also means new games. Gamers these days are far too narrow minded.

Graphics are literally the most superficial aspect of games and many of you are just "judging a book by its cover."

bednet1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Unfortunately, performance is not only linked to pixels, it's AI, physics, size of environments, quality of textures (which drives immersion), facial details (again immersion), number of entities on screen, particles, environment destructiveness.

Performance affects gameplay and game designers cannot overlook available performance when making design decision.

Docknoss1811d ago

@Fireseed that was badass and very well said.
@PS4Beaver punch yourself repeatedly In the face until I get tired.

boneso821811d ago


Concept? A 2D fighter and a QuickTime hack'n'slash... Awesome!

BuLLDoG9091811d ago

@Fireseed, no its MS who have completely lost what it means to play video games, with their entertainment box, trying to buy up 3rd partys so no other platform can experience them, instead of investing in their own 1st party studios.

MS, the company who this generation threatened any 3rd party to not dare release a game that performed better on ps3, or else it would not be allowed to release on the 360. And they were only in the position to even make them threats due to their big market share with the 360.
Im betting their not going to be in that position of authority with the xb1 this generation thankfully =]

Sono4211811d ago

Microsoft being deceiving?

No way.. i'm in shock :o <- My shock face

/s needed? I mean cmon this is a trademark thing for Microsoft if they didn't lie to you or try to deceive you they wouldn't be Microsoft, there should really be a meme about them already, they could easily be the new scumbag steve.. but instead maybe moneywhore microsoft? i'm sure something more creative can be thought up...

ThanatosDMC1811d ago

Just so you guys know Fireseed = MariaHelFutura.

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theBAWSE1812d ago

only ONE game has 1080p/60fps and that is a racing game with static backgrounds

and Microsoft wonder why they are ridiculed and the joke of the gaming industry right now

they make it to easy

MikeNike3101812d ago

Yeah forza 5s backgrounds do look a little cartoonish but the car models look amazing. I guess early on in the life cycle of a console you will have to make some comprimises. You can barely tell when your traveling over 100mph though.

tigertom531812d ago

their is a lot going on in the background when i saw the game, smoke, sandstorms, birds, helicopters and am sure their will be alot more in different tracks and most games do have static background..

Kingthrash3601812d ago

yeah most ps3/360 racing games have static backrounds....but are we comparing 360 to x1...nope...static backrounds are shameful for the hardware its built on.

Bigpappy1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

I done get what you people were expecting to see in the backgrounds of a RACING game. Should there be deer hunting or trees blowing around?

I am not getting this new spin at all. What is clear, is that the games looks sounds and plays better than any other racer shown so far (all at 1080p 60fps). Not sure what else it needs to be a great racing game.

1811d ago
xRedline1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )


Let me fix that for you:

and Sony fanboys* wonder why they are ridiculed and the joke of the gaming industry right now

they make it too* easy

nypifisel1811d ago


Lol, who have ever ridiculed Sony? They have done everything right since the feb reveal.

xRedline1810d ago

Didn't say Sony, champ. I like Sony. I said Sony Fanboys.

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Eonjay1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Holy mother of deceptive advertising. For me, its all about being informed enough to make sure that I spend my money wisely. I just can't justify paying more money when I can get most of the same games, and better tech for a lower price. I don't want Xbox to fail, but I feel bad because in order for it to keep up, a lot of people HAVE to be deceived or willfully ignorant.

UnHoly_One1812d ago

Willfully Ignorant??


Maybe I want an Xbox One because with the exception of a few system specs, it does EVERYTHING ELSE better than Sony.

xHeavYx1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

You made me laugh, but I have to ask, please, tell me what all other things the One does better than the PS4, and please, talk real gaming, not gimmicks

Eonjay1812d ago


You are fooling yourself and nobody is buying it. Just like most people here, you probably work hard for your money so yes you have the right to do whatever the hell you want. But have some self respect. You know you are being sold deception in this advert and still you defend it. What has Microsoft done for you to make you so willing to accept less and pay more? Respect yourself.

Microsoft doesn't give a damn about keeping their promise of 1080P 60FPS and you know it. You owe them nothing.

Software_Lover1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Ignorant if they want to play Halo? Or ignorant if they want to play forza? Oh I got it I got it. They are ignorant to purchase the console if they want to play ryse.

I think its pretty ignorant to get an Xbox if you want to play infamous or killzone. I think its ignorant to buy a playstation if you want to play project spark or other games above.

Never ignorant to buy a console for the games you want to play.

BlackTar1871812d ago

All unholy is gonna say is the Magical Cloud or the online which from anyone who is decently sane worked perfectly fine for both. Cross chat was the ket for MS and now that's gone.

Kingthrash3601812d ago

i second that question....

theBAWSE1812d ago

@ unholy... LMFAO

I guess it has better ram? nope

better first party developers working on it? nope

better price? nope

better reveal to the world? nope

a company that has a great track record for first party games? nope

better rechargeable controllers? nope

better stood upright? nope

better online features? nope

better Netflix and other apps accessible without a pay wall? nope

better indie support? nope

better results in gaming polls? nope

better PR team behind it? nope

better launch games that hasn't been reduced in features or graphics? nope

better name that hasn't been shortened to the point it's disrespectful and the head honchos at Microsoft hate it?nope

yep xbone is on a roll... you 'better' be a better fanboy

Eonjay1812d ago

@Software_Lover... thats fine. Be honest about it then. Don't act like Microsoft is giving you some sort of deal here.

Just say I like Halo and thats why I'm getting an Xbox. Don't pretend for one minute that you are getting a capable console that is somehow superior to anything.

I can tell you right now, if the Xbox was technically more powerful than the PS4 AND cheaper, I would be giving Sony the middle finger. I owe them nothing.

Kayant1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Ahhh we're on a similar page ;)

Like here --->

To quote MS - " In addition to Xbox One’s revolutionary architecture, the combination of its CPU, GPU and ESRAM is like having a supercomputer in your living room."

MS really a "Supercomputer". That's a bit excessive because we know they are only referring to the ESram's bandwidth. Also modern day mid-range to high-end gpus alone have that kind of bandwidth.

So what MS is trying to say in their own words is that having an XB1 in my house is like having a Personal Titan supercomputer. Right.... -->

AceBlazer131812d ago

Everyone has their right to choose which ever console, but don't try to make the ps4 look inferior just to make your choice sit right with you, especially when the ps4 is obviously better.

xHeavYx1812d ago

I got 12 disagrees, yet not a single person answered my question (and please, no "there is no need to argue" responses)

Goro1812d ago

Who cares, it's N4G...your comments will always get more disagrees unless it's some happy shit like "Thumbs up Sony" or "Yay Sony" etc...

Beastforlifenoob1811d ago

I guess it has better ram? Seriously wtf "better rame" you dont know jack sheet if you simply say better RAM and it sounds like your jsut taking that of what ither people are saying.

better first party developers working on it? What do you consider "better" some people may prefer dead rising or Ryse over KIllzone or the order etc... Thats personal opinion.

better price? True

better reveal to the world? Marketing has nothing to do with how good a system is.

a company that has a great track record for first party games? Forza, halo, deadrising (now), sure they are not as good as Sony's or Nintendos but you and I made the same point above its personal preference (I do prefer sonys though just saying)

better rechargeable controllers? True

better stood upright? WTF who cares which console can stand upright the best.

better online features? We don't really know yet but SONY's is shaping up to better.

better Netflix and other apps accessible without a pay wall? True

better indie support? nope . Both have good indie support weatehr you like it or not.

better results in gaming polls? Doesnt mean JACK.
If you did the poll on the XBOX forums it would be the otherway around(selective groupings and also people who enjoy one thing may specifcally like the PS4 where the poll was taken)

better PR team behind it? PR team wont affect your experience.

Docknoss1811d ago

Unholy one I agree, kinect + supior online + All my friends on xbox + the only exclusives I've wanted have all been on xbox = my reasoning for buying an xbox. Don't crucify me for having an opinion, its not like we live in communist china.

karl1811d ago

If u want to play halo or forza soo much just buy an xbone play the games and sell it.. but pls guys dont come here to defend that try of a console.. all its flaws are in the open and its just pathetic.

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gaelic_laoch1812d ago


The No.1 upscaling device this holiday season!

Deadpoolio1811d ago

But TV you can watch TV....And have 2 devices on just to watch TV instead of just having your cable box hooked to the TV....

And I know I would totally trust the company that made a device in 2006 which had a 55% failure rate for the first 4 years of it's life, when they tell me that I can and should leave their new device on 24/7 and pay and extra $10 bucks a month for a "special" guide instead of just using oh I dunno the Satellite guide I already have

T21811d ago

my favorite is when people bust out the "its their money , shut up and let them spend it how they want"...

OK, well if you want to spend your money on a pinto, you are free to do so, but don't be surprised when people visibly point and laugh at your choice...

not saying xbone is a pinto, just saying the argument is weak.

Irishguy951812d ago

When you think next gen please look past 1080p and 60fps, sony promised them standard last gen. Oh and PC has been doing it since...well...forever

Now let the hypocrites strike...that's right, graphics only matter when comparing Xbox to Ps.