Not focusing on Vita 'catching up' to 3DS is a wise move by Sony

Sony recently stated that they aren't really focused on whether they PS Vita can catch up to the Nintendo 3DS in sales. Gimme Gimme Games writes about why that is a good decision on Sony's behalf.

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Protagonist1778d ago

Still the best dedicated handheld gaming gadget ever made.

Protagonist1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Cool...I´m always checking out the latest PS Vita videos on youtube...lately "Over My Dead Body 2" got me hyped. I hope it will be released outside JP...what a weird (yet cool) cover the first game had ;)

thehobbyist1777d ago

Vita has no games? This is a list of released and announced games for PS VITA. You mean to tell me it has no games when there is obviously a scroll bar to this page? 0/10 try again.

miyamoto1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

The author of this article is up to click baiting again.
The PS Vita system, like the PSP, was never made for Nintendo's kiddie market- hardware wise and soft ware wise.

PSP and PS Vita system were designed for the hardcore's gaming on the go lifestyle. Hardware is built to last very long. 10 years long. The PSP will be 10 years old next year and its still relevant today while the DS is done.

The hardware design, first and foremost, makes the PSP and the PS Vita the best. And with excellent hardware you can do great software with it in the long run.

GdaTyler1778d ago

I reaallly hope Vita TV can do something... It seems like it will raise the install base, which is what we all want, right? I have a Vita and will never give up on it. U_U

Protagonist1778d ago

Yup! the exact same reason I´m supporting the PS Vita TV.

Blacklash931778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Sony made a good handheld system with the Vita, but they've done awful at getting support for it. There's very little original, quality software from significant developers for Vita outside of JRPGs. Uncharted (which was outsourced) and Killzone and AC and such all had their Vita installments feel really stripped down and inferior to their console counterparts. Short campaigns, very reduced MP options, ect. It's a reminder that the Vita isn't a console system and if it attempts to make one closer to that scale there has to be big sacrifices. To my knowledge, Killzone is the only one out of those that wasn't considered a disappointment going by general consensus.

The rest is ports, indie titles, and ports of indie titles. There's Soul Sacrifice and Gravity Rush which are decent (albeit a bit repetitive) action games, but the Vita is yet to have any star-quality titles. Not many titles upcoming either if you count out the ports.

Vita TV explicitly seems to be salvage job for the failing system. Why do I want to play a handheld game not on my handheld system, unless the system itself isn't worth it in the first place? That seems to be where the concept is coming from.

TongkatAli1778d ago

All those games you mention are awesome on the Vita. I guess you wanted more for 40$ : D

Remember the games are 40$ not 60$.

Blacklash931778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Uncharted GA was significantly shorter and more poorly designed and paced. I think less of AC: Liberation than AC3, which is saying a lot. Killzone is good, but very stripped down in all respects compared to the PS3 installments. Resistance was just... awful. Most of these struggle to keep even 30FPS up, being close to 20 when the action ramps it up.

Gravity Rush is a new idea and uses it well, but the game is filled with a lot of repetitive slogs like combat. I'm really looking forward to GR2 if it can fix most of the issues of GR1, because I know it will be brilliant. Soul Sacrifice also suffers from repetition and some clunkiness like all "Hunting" games.

Really, the best original stuff on Vita is the indie titles. The somewhat limited, but impressive back catalog of downloadable PS1 and PSP games is also good. But this isn't enough to support a sysytem.

WeAreLegion1778d ago

Liberation was better than ACIII, IMO.

Killzone: Mercenary, Gravity Rush, and Soul Sacrifice are all incredible. It's definitely an opinion thing, but Jesus... You didn't enjoy Gravity Rush? What the heck? That could have easily been a full console title and still gotten rave reviews.

Little Big Planet Vita is easily the best in the series.

Blacklash931778d ago

I did really like Gravity Rush. It was a great idea that was well done. But there was a lot that bogged the game down from being truly excellent. It did one thing truly well, but other parts of the design were lacking resulting in a good, but far from flawless experience. It did not get "rave" reviews, either.

Th4Freak1778d ago

"It's a reminder that the Vita isn't a console system"

I don't know what your console concept is but the PSV is a handheld console and PS3/X360 are home consoles.

"Killzone is the only one out of those that wasn't considered a disappointment going by general consensus."

Have you checked Metacritics? overall PSV games have the highest user rate, that means most people like PSV games independently of what reviewers say.

You're on that minority that think PSV games aren't good and the thing is that you still comparing PSV games with PS3 games, until you understand that the PSV is a handheld and isn't as nearly as powerful as a PS3 you won't enjoy its games.

About VTV you're missing the point, I never use my PSV on outsides so to people like me, VTV is a huge deal because we'll be able to play PSV games on a bigger screen with a controller and not only that but it also can be used as a media center. I don't think VTV was meant to save PSV, I think Sony is trying to expand and get into every video game market, they already have Mobile, Handheld, Home Console, Cloud Gaming and now they're going for Microconsole Gaming and Home Media market.

ruefrak1778d ago

I still think that the Vita's biggest problem is that it's a handheld gaming console for adults and in the West, handheld gaming is generally viewed as something kids do. The 3DS is a handheld for children and so it sells well in western markets.
In Japan everyone games on a handheld. In the West, adults game on consoles attached to a TV. I think what will help the Vita the best in the US is the VitaTV, which is why I find it strange that they're releasing it in Japan first. My fear is that it won't sell in Japan because they're all about handhelds and then Sony won't bring it to the US or Europe.

Protagonist1778d ago

You say problem, yet Sony said before it got released, it would be for the adult core gamer...anyway I agree about the PS Vita TV situation...they should release it simultaneously.

Hicken1778d ago

People seem so very happy to forget that.

WeAreLegion1778d ago

Thank God. I want them to keep focusing on quality games for a wider demographic. I'm not knocking Nintendo. The 3DS's lineup is great, but most of it doesn't appeal to me. Give me a Pokemon Snap 2 and we'll talk. ;)

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