How Big Can PS Vita TV Be For Sony?

Gaming Union: "It may seem like a while ago now, but during their conference before Tokyo Game Show, Sony revealed their newest product for the entertainment world, the PS Vita TV. While this may be a puzzling move for many, the underlining possibilities are endless. Who it was designed for, and what market it seeks to grasp may decide its success or ultimate failure."

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GdaTyler1815d ago

I can't wait to see the Media Create on this thing!

darthv721815d ago

considering the majority of the buzz is from the West, dont be surprised if it sells more outside of Japan.

Sony doesnt want to mess with the PS4 launch by releasing it outside JP first but damn....I need to get me one of these.

mephman1815d ago

Yea, I can see this being huge for the PS4.

fozzness1815d ago

I can't wait for this to come out. <3

mephman1815d ago

Let's just get a release date first. :)

Lord_Frieza1815d ago

it can be bigger than fried chicken

Torchwood41815d ago

Lets start with an official US announcement first