Microtransactions Have Ruined GTA Online

Anthony Accinelli of RealSG writes, "... Rockstar clearly stated that players won't be able to 'play to win' and that it will be a balanced affair.

I'm now level 20 in Grand Theft Auto Online and can safely say this is not the case. With a future of microtransactions just around the corner, Rockstar has made it nearly impossible to keep your money."

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AvidGamerrrr1812d ago

I don't die very often and still find myself losing money. From what I can tell it does take cash away during DM modes, which is unfortunate.

GarrusVakarian1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

It takes cash away but only cash that you have on you and haven't deposited into your bank account. It doesn't take money from your account. So make sure you deposit your cash!

AvidGamerrrr1812d ago

No it doesn't. It takes from your bank account.

camel_toad1812d ago

Man this is killing me. I keep seeing people who have been playing all day today and yesterday but I stilllllll haven't been able to get into a single game.

DoomeDx1812d ago

Your not missing much.

GarrusVakarian1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

No it hasn't. You have to play the game to rank up enough to unlock good weapons. So by playing the game normally you will acquire enough money to buy them without micro transactions.

Have micro trans stopped me and many others from having a blast all day today? No. Flamebait article fails.

"Rockstar has made it nearly impossible to keep your money"

What?! All you have to do is immediately deposit your money into your bank using your phone after completing a mission or a race or a stickup. Why do people talk so much BS?

DoomeDx1812d ago

Stop being a rockstar groupie. GTA:Online is horrible.

The story mode is definatly great. And the best thing I have played this generation. But the Multiplayer is horrible.

In free roam, everybody kills you. And you keep on losing money (Even WITH money on the bank).

Everything costs money. And money isnt easy to get. It feels like rockstar forces you to pay money.

In free roam, everybody has kickass weapons while all I have is a pistol.. People hunt me down all the time. I dont even get the chance to start a mission without getting killed by people.

Free roam aint a deathmatch people! Come on..

GarrusVakarian1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

"Stop being a rockstar groupie. GTA:Online is horrible."

1. Im the first person to criticize R*

2. GTA Online isnt "horrible", ive been playing it all day and when its working, its amazing. Im not much of a MP guy, i love my SP's but this is so much fun. It's easy to get money. Stick up stores and do cop op missions....actually its REALLY easy to make money thinking about it. If you're being killed, try turning passive mode on, but for some reason its bugged so that even if you have passive mode on you still get killed if you are inside a car. But it works fine for me if im running around, i got shot point blank range with a shotgun and nothing happened when i had passive mode on.

"It feels like rockstar forces you to pay money. "

Im sorry, but this is just plain wrong. I always have enough money to refill all my pistol ammo, to buy clothes or car mods. What exactly are you doing wrong that's making your money disappear so quickly? I have to question your skills if you can't even maintain a decent bank balance. Do stickups, co op missions and then as soon as they are finished deposit that into your bank.....rinse and repeat.

Hicken1812d ago

I'd have thought it was the inability to connect that had ruined it.