GTA 5's Online Issues & Free Gameplay- IGN Daily Fix

Today's Fix hits up the Grand Theft Auto 5's online issues and a chance to play for free on Xbox 360. Plus, Destiny's beta is revealed and everything from today's Nintendo Direct.

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fattyuk1817d ago





In 1 sentence!

Head hurtin'

LordDhampire1817d ago

Are the rockstar servers back up

USA0071817d ago

Were they ever down? I've pretty much been playing since launch and haven't experienced any problems, call me lucky I guess

3-4-51817d ago

up? They were never down, they've been up since early yesterday.

I played 4 hours yesterday and only had to wait 2 minutes for the initial car race.

After that is was a lot of fun.

n4rc1817d ago

Created my character no problem but couldn't get into the race.. Just stuck at loading session..

Will try again tonight.. Not sweating it tho.. Still working on my 100%

DoggyBiscuit1817d ago

Damn i wanna play online already