GTA V Makes Me Want PS4 and Xbox One Right Now

Like many players, Mike Williams US author haven't been able to connect to GTA Online yet. I've created a character, but the server issues are still ongoing for me, so I've been content to play around in GTA V while waiting to retry GTA Online. I still enjoy GTA V immensely, just from a 'mess around in Los Santos' perspective. One thing that playing more GTA V has made me realize is that I wish the game was on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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GarrusVakarian1782d ago

I hear you, ive been enjoying GTAO all day but the whole time ive been saying "something this ambitious needs next gen and PC to do it justice".

CaptainYesterday1782d ago

I would rather a Grand Theft Auto made from the ground up for next gen consoles instead of a port, I'm looking forward to Grand Theft Auto 6 and Los Santos Stories for the Vita ;P

weirdo1782d ago

as much as i loved my time with gtav, i was put off by the frame drops (sub 20fps in busy sections)

please, bring this to ps4 as it's a beautiful game.