Collaboration, expertise produce enhanced sensing in Xbox One

Cyrus Bamji had encountered a challenge. Luckily for him, Microsoft Research had just the solution.

Bamji, Microsoft partner hardware architect for Microsoft’s Silicon Valley-based Architecture and Silicon Management group, and members of his team were trying to incorporate a time-of-flight camera into Xbox One, the successor to the wildly popular Xbox 360.

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malokevi1817d ago

Good read. It's always nice to hear how much labor went in to something your anticipating, from a more personal perspective. These guys obviously cared a great deal about putting out something that would impress gamers and developers alike... personally, I can't wait to see how it has turned out.

Stuntz1817d ago

I absolutely love the kinect, i will mostly use it for the skype, and Xbox One control features. Using it to control the TV, the dashboard, and i also love how some games are implementing it into the games. DR3 for example that the zombies can hear the noise etc. AC4 has also announced they are using it in a way but want it to be a secret. I personally think the kinect is genius and from what we have seen is very accurate, and does a wonderful job making the X1 even better than it is.

christocolus1817d ago

the product of this great colaboration shall finally be in my hands very soon and i shall finally have my very own taste of the wonder that is kinect2 ....d3 , dr3 here i come

malokevi1817d ago

You mean D4?

I keep reading D3... maybe you guys are referring to something different?

mhunterjr1817d ago

I think some people mean d4, others are trying to refer to dead rising 3.

christocolus1817d ago

I wish D3 was actually a new unannounced game in the works but unfortunately i keep making that mistake.meant to say d4..thanks bro...its D4 and DR3 all the way...

malokevi1817d ago

No prob, just curious. You aren't the first person to make that mistake.

tigertom531817d ago

I love the rare games and looking forward to the fitness titles...

Bigpappy1817d ago

Rare was way ahead of everyone else in executing well with the first Kinect. It is natural then to expect that they will yet again be one of the leaders with Kinect 2.

Bigpappy1817d ago

Wow! No wonder M$ is so committed to pushing Kinect. They have invested some serious effort here.

They seem to now believe that Kinect is so good that they best approach is to let the developers play with it and discover what works for them

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