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Few games in recent years offer the immeasurable amount of content offered in Disgaea D2. With a 35 hour campaign, multiple endings to complete, side-missions, an expansive and randomly generated item world, thousands of character customization options and endlessly replyable levels, the series didn't really need to make many improvements or changes to remain a true value.

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admiralvic1696d ago

Sounds good! Can't wait to get my CE come Tuesday.

Hicken1696d ago

I've only ever finished the first Disgaea. Which, I guess, is fine, since this is a direct sequel(just what I've always wanted).

Just too many bills piling up now. Stupid hospital bills may already have pushed back my PS4 indefinitely. Gonna have to be far more decisive about the games I get, too.

admiralvic1696d ago

At least Disgaea D2 is only $50 and offers hundreds of hours of gameplay if you want to see / do everything.

Hicken1696d ago

Oh, I've never been a completist. I just like playing through for the story. It's usually many years before I go back and try to do EVERYTHING in a game, especially an RPG.

But, for example, GT6 will be coming out, and I know I'll sink a lot into that. And there's Ys on the horizon, and quite a few others. Hell, I still haven't finished P4G or Tales of Graces yet, and I play DC Universe all the freakin time.

Oh, well. I'm still gonna get it. Just a matter of when.