Price cut fails to push Xbox 360 past PS3 in UK

Microsoft this week claimed to have more doubled the Xbox 360's European sales thanks to its recent price cut, but that still hasn't been sufficient to put it ahead of the PlayStation 3 or the Wii in the UK.

The software giant made the bold sales claim yesterday, a month after the price cut came into effect. On 14 March, up to £50 was knocked off the price of each version of the console, taking the cheapest, most basic model down to £160.

However, a Sony spokesman today hit back at the company's arch rival, telling Register Hardware that the PS3 has outsold the Microsoft console every week for the last 15 weeks.

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red_ring_of_death3840d ago

because the lagbox sucks
thats it

eagle213840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

America is MS only hope, but over 42 million ps2's are here :)

I made my choice about 7 months ago. I know what consumers are thinking when they go in the store. They see the selection of games. PS3 has the goods to win 2008-2012. When the 80GB comes back, WHAM!. I can't wait to see what MS (or POG) will say next. :)

They might have doubled the week of easter, but fell hard

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

PS3 is Fantastic!;) but not sure it will last till 20012!!! ;-D
Well maybe;)

+Your right when the 80GB comes back(Summer this year)it will be...
GAME OVER!!! xBot Lemmings! ;-P

(you changed it now!;-D put it back to 20012;) i liked the sound of that) ;)

Bzone243840d ago

"PS3 is Fantastic!;) but not sure it will last till 20012!!! ;-D
Well maybe;)"

It'll take until 20012 until the PS3 passes the XBOX 360 in total sales at current pace. lol

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13840d ago

This time next year it will do it!;)
(Even before that) ;)

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ruibing3840d ago

So here is the confirmation (of vgchartz) that though MS did not lie about doubling their sales, they are still trailing behind the PS3 in EU. Given that the 360 does its best in the UK, we can only assume it is doing worse in other European countries.

chaosatom3333840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

hey microsoft
how about try giving arcade out for FREE!

Seriously tho, Microsoft lowered it's arcade by a 100, but it's Elite by 50. It's sad the way microsoft tries saving it's money. If this isn't a hoax, then it certainly looks that way.

sonarus3840d ago

Whats sad about it. Sorry to break it to you but MSoft, Sony and Nintendo are in the business of MAKING money. Price drops can stimulate demand temporarily but if there is no inital demand there it is useles. If they had dropped price right before GTA4, it would have been better

Meus Renaissance3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

The 360 is dirt cheap in the UK and if it cannot over-take the PS3 which is practically double the cost, with its software library, then that paints a very worrying picture for Microsoft. They must be asking themselves what it will take.

I wonder what the impact of these price cuts will be in the US; could Sony eat into further market share from Microsoft there or will the 360 cement its position ahead of the PlayStation 3?

solar3840d ago

im wondering if the hardware problems of the 360 are more in tune to the european consumers than it is the american consumer? personally i cant buy a product known to matter how great it is (and the 360 has some great games!). as in the american says "ill take the risk" vs a european "eff that crap! 360's are prone to failure!". can some of you european guys inform me?

whoelse3840d ago

What can they do? They cant drop the price again because that would be a sign of desperation. They are kind of 'stuffed'.

Sony was lucky that the 360 has had these problems. Otherwise, it would be more like 25mil vs 8 mil rather than 18mil vs 13 mil.

cmrbe3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

The price is not a big issue as to why Europeans are not buying the x360. Its the x360 value that is the problem. When you have a console that has massive hardware issues, No wifi, no standard HD, No next gen optical drive, Pay to play online service and a reputation for being a shooter centric console. Europeans would rather pay 100 Euro more for a PS3.PS consoles have proven themselves to the Europeans twice. The best MS can do is establish the xbox brand this gen in Europe so they can have a better chance next gen. Europeans like most are picky about value for money and quality.

What MS should do for Europe?. Simple. Increase the value of the x360 to European gamers. First by actually fixing the Hardware issues.

cpt_kaos3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

What will it take.... Probally better effort when designing and testing there next console if theres a next one as some or alot of shareholders may have a say in it since 1 billion dollar quick fix the 360 has cost the company.

MJY2K3839d ago

Yes the 360 has a larger library of games but I'm not sure many people that buy a 360 now will buy some of the older games like Dead Rising or Crackdown, they'll buy Halo 3 and Mass Effect.

The only thing that I think will save the Xbox brand in Europe would be if they had Final Fantasy, a racer that's as deep an experiance as Gran Turismo and more casual games like Buzz and something like the PS2 Eyetoy, that was a great succes here.

Some of my friends are waiting for some of these games. One is waiting for MGS4 to buy a PS3, two are waiting for Final Fantasy, another is waiting for GT5, another is waiting for GTAIV and finally another is waiting for LittleBigPlanet.

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crunchie1013840d ago

This is certainly interesting. The UK has been the one place in Europe that has shown preference for the 360 over the PS3. I think Micosoft are right, the battle between Sony and Microsoft really is for Europe - in the US, Microsoft will pretty much always be ahead of Sony, and in Japan Sony will always dominate over MS, but Europe is up for grabs.

whoelse3840d ago

I think Microsoft has lost the race against almost certainly in Europe and are just trying to get what they can. In North America, they are both doing as well as each other but GTA, MSG4 etc etc could dramatically change it.

As many have said, GTA will push more PS3 hardware sales than 360s. GTA is a PS Brand.

Mu5afir3840d ago

Sony had been leading sales in the past 3 months, only this month has it had less SKU sales (by a meger margin of 5k). Even in the U.S. Microsoft is having problems.. and with the release of MGS4 things are going to get tighter.

fenderputty3840d ago

Up until this last month, the PS3 was outselling the 360. Granted there may have been supply constraints but, with the format win, the PS3 is gaining momentum. Even with this recent loss in march, the margin was by a whole 5000 consoles. Great exclusive titles are starting to hit as well. Even though NA is MS's territory, Sony isn't far behind anymore like it was. Europe is going to kill MS. The combination of the Japan and Europe really puts the squeeze on MS.

Fallen_Angel3839d ago

@crunchie101 I agree. Thing that all the ps3 fanboy on here seem to forget is that ps3 is still in last place in the uk. MS doesnt really need to actually out sell them. They can sit back a play D. Keepin the sells with in a few thousand of each other will stop the ps3 from ever over taking the 360. Way I look at it the ps3 got till the end of 09 to catch the 360. Cause I think both sony and ms will announce their next system in 2010 (most likely at e3). Then fanboy will be busy fighting over the next gen.

Oh and the ps3 might of out sold the 360 for 3 month but it was only by a few thousand. Also the 360 out sold the ps3 for 25 months straight before that.

lodossrage3838d ago

All things considered, the ps3 wasn't even out for 25 months lol. This December will make 25 months

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