Two Videos Show The Power and Fidelity of Xbox One’s New Kinect

Microsoft Research just released two new videos, and if you’re excited for the upcoming Xbox One and its Kinect appendage, you’ll love them.

The videos star Microsoft’s Scott Evans and Kareem Choudhry as they show off the power of the new Kinect in all its increased resolution and enhanced capabilities.

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ape0071817d ago

of course it's lame because your pic is kratos :)


sigfredod1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Sorry but when i read a title that says Show The Power and Fidelity of Xbox One’s New Kinect, i was expecting actual videos of the suppose power and fidelity ok kinect in actual gameplay, a practical showcase, so i not entitled to say it was lame tech video? its my opinion

Lalanana1817d ago

Indies are going to have some fun with Kinect 2.0.

I am curious to see what kind of games they will do with it.


Prototype_79L1817d ago

Well, for example how is it a 3d camera with one lens?

nypifisel1817d ago

IR blasting can calculate the different distances so it can see in 3D, stupidly expensive solution to something 2 cameras can do.

ShinMaster1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

@ Lalanana

The same kind of games you saw with the first Kinect.

You people don't seem to realize that even if the new Kinect is more accurate, the games are still very much limited by human movement itself.

Great for dancing and fitness games, though.

Gekko361817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

@ All Here we go again, nitpicking on something thats not even out yet.

I seems to be handy in the dark and very arrurate. It'll knock the socks of the competition since they really can't compete.

All we need now is for developers to look at this as not JUST a controller but as a supporting peripheral, the like of monitoring your stress, using your head movements in fps, or even using your own anger and frustration as a que for your character to go nuts.

There is so muich that can be done. Think about it and stop being OLD!!!

Shit moves on, keep up and bugger off!

tigertom531817d ago

@ nypifisel Two lenses are cheap option, but you but is very sensitive to light conditions of the room, and is not as accurate at picking up on small movements and the IR blaster is also used to control all of your home entertainment device which a couple of lenses cant do...

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LackTrue4K1817d ago

The tech is there, but your right.
It's kind of lame it would help if it's on some gameplay football/racing/FPS games, any thing other then a dancing/fitness game

GrandpaSnake1817d ago

the fidelity still seems low, higher than before... but still a long road ahead.

christocolus1817d ago

i cant wait for the likes of hideo and shinji to utilise the features of the new kinect...glad ms included it in the box and incorporated it into their dev tools too....rare, swervy, turn10 ,343, good science and other great 1st,2nd and 3rd party devs will definitly integrate it into their games too...great job ms research...kinect2 will definitly proove itself.

GiggMan1817d ago

Honestly what are they going to do with it though? Cool camera and better than the last kinect but pretty useless for games. Unless you're making a game about waving your hands.

christocolus1817d ago

read up d3 previews.dead rising3 and also shinji mikamis take on the tech....its not always about waving your arms....just give ms and these devs some will be impressed in the long run.

Gridloc1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

You forgot about jumping up and down too...

DoubleM701817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

You need to open up your mind some. I herd in Dead rising 3 if you are making noise in you actual living room the Zombies will here you. You can also scream at them and they will turn around and chase you. I also herd from Major Nelson that some of the Devs are developing games that you play completely in the dark. Oh Yeah! the new kinect also is designed to be played while your sitting down also. OPEN YOUR MIND!

GryestOfBluSkies1817d ago

about the dead rising replies... i dont want to scream at my tv. its silly. and about other noise in the room triggering zombie response: if my dog barks it could mess up my game? no thanks.

anyway, I've always been anti kinect, but i admit that IF these videos are real time, its pretty impressive tech. certainly an improvement from the first one

2cents1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Let me see...

1. Heart rate monitor could be used in horror games where the soundtrack and sound effects could be ramped up based on you pulse. When the game knows your scared it could throw more at you to really put the heebie jeebies up you.

2. Heart Rate could be used in exercise games to gauge if your pushing yourself too little or too much.

3. Eye tracking could be used to trigger specific dialogue, such as if a master villain is talking to you in the game and you look away for whatever reason it could trigger a line like: "look at me when im talking to you".

4. Reading of expressions could be used in the same way as above, (smiling)"oh you think that’s funny" (angry)"I see ive hit a nerve" etc.

5. Body tracking for leaning left or right to lean in game to shoot around corners which was mentioned by either BF4 devs or COD devs, cant remember which off the top of my head.

6. Voice recognition obviously for calling out commands or choosing dialogue on screen to reply to the in-game character conversations.

7. Loads of silly little things as we have heard from D4, such as pointing your fingers to your temple to go into detective / scan mode, gimmicky yes, but still immersive and fun for the less cynical person.

These are just some ideas that spring to mind, the possibilities are immense and the implementation can be subtle or full on. The Kinect adds a completely new layer of immersion to games.

I for one am very optimistic as to what we are going to be able to do with the future of Kinect and gaming.

Not many of these features existed for the first Kinect, as the fidelity just isn’t there.
No eye tracking, no facial expression scanning, not heart rate monitor, skeletal tracking was almost always hit or miss. No scanning of fingers or thumbs so no pointing to your head.

Only the lean function and speech would work on the existing Kinect, and that also not that well.

I cant deny that what little we have seen of Kinect 2.0 has impressed me way more than what we saw of the first one. It was so easy to tell that the first one was dodgy, based of all those dodge ball videos where it was so easy to tell that the response time and fidelity was all over the place, with arm and legs seemingly breaking and twisting in weird angles. These tech demos essentially show how the Kinect is far more stable when it comes to recreating the scanned person into its software. So this should be a good representation of how the games would actually look.

I guess we will know for sure very soon.

GiggMan1817d ago


I guess that's why they make the big bucks to come up with these imaginative ideas. Although all of the ideas mentioned could have been done on the current Kinect and didn't work.

I have the current gen Kinect and it just didn't do it for me gaming. The kids loved it for awhile but grew tired of it. This looks like a better version but MS is bundling it with every console and charging a premium price without showing anything gaming related.

I haven't seen any videos of it being used in a game (just talk), if someone has a link let me know.

pwnsause_returns1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

" I herd in Dead rising 3 if you are making noise in you actual living room the Zombies will here you."

do you really need a camera for that?

you can just do that with an xbox headset

GiggMan1817d ago

@2cents well said (except I believe Kinect being able to tell if you're scared is a bit science fiction lol)

The only issue I have with your statement is this part "I for one am very optimistic as to what we are going to be able to do with the future of Kinect and gaming."

That was the exact same thing people said about the original Kinect, almost word for word.

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