Opinion: GTA V's jokes are bad...and that's good

Connor White says: "I was sad, annoyed and angry at Los Santos and pretty much everyone in it. I hated this world. Los Santos is loathsome and I do not want to emulate anyone in it.

It’s that type of reaction Rockstar was going for, and it is an effective play at subversive information of character. If you were offended by how people in Los Santos acted, you should be. Do not become like them."

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nolifeking1697d ago

GTA:O is the biggest joke of them all, and I'm not laughing.

crimsonfox1697d ago

I'm sure when it is up and running you'll be laughing and enjoying the game just like everyone else will be.

nolifeking1697d ago

Sure when its "up and running". As of right know none of that applies. Its just an option for me to use that really has no use. Tomorrow isn't today.

GarrusVakarian1697d ago

Ive been laughing on GTAO all day, because its so much fun. Sucks that you can't access it. Im sure you will love it when it works for you.

1696d ago
sovietsoldier1696d ago

i found the coke deal to be a cheesy joke.

LoaMcLoa1696d ago

... They will never be good, and that's not bad.
There's nothing it'd rather be than GT... A.