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Pro Evolution Soccer (more commonly known as PES) has long been in competition with FIFA. The game is developed by Konami, and markets itself as closer to real football than FIFA in terms of skill required and challenge. PES 2014 has received a huge overhaul, with the FOX engine being used to power the game. PES 2014 boasts its official inclusion of the Champions League, and Europa League, which are exclusive to the title.

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Thanks for the approvals all! :)

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You gave this a 7.5

You gave Fifa a 9.8

I'm sorry but something is possibly wrong there.

There are maybe 4-5 games ever that are 9.8/10, and Fifa 2014 is not one of them.

Can't wait to try them both out though, it seems they are both good this year.

inside_thebox1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Apologies, as mentioned over on the FIFA article, it was a typo and the actual score for FIFA was intended to be a 9/10.

PES is EXTREMELY lacking on game modes, and I found the range of experiences in the game pretty boring in comparison to the various different modes in FIFA. The lack of a career mode is a HUGE factor in that.

Again, that is just my opinion, so, feel free to disagree, but, I thoroughly enjoyed FIFA, far more so than PES. I think you will find the average review for PES 14 gives a score around 7.5, while FIFA 14 has scores mostly between the 8-9/10 mark.