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'rain' is Sony Computer Entertainment’s latest downloadable exclusive for the Playstation 3. The game tells the tale of an invisible boy (visible only in the rain) who follows an invisible girl (again, visible in rain) through the streets of Paris. The game has immense emotional depth in both story and atmosphere, and the gameplay is relaxing and enjoyable. The game is aspiring to be the next Journey,

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inside_thebox1602d ago

Thanks to all who approved :)

lnvisibleMan1602d ago

Good review. What size is the game?

inside_thebox1602d ago

Thanks! The installed size on my console is a reasonable 2094MB :)

1602d ago
cell9891602d ago

hmm this one went under my radar

inside_thebox1602d ago

No worries, happy to provide!

mayberry1602d ago

Getting it! I need a game as such after a few Killzone matches!

tulholdren1602d ago

Liking this game so far. Another Sony Game that I'm having a blast with. Sony Goodness