GTA Online Verdict

VideoGamer: "Most people are now aware of the – somewhat understandable – problems surrounding GTA Online. Hopefully by the time you read this these issues will have been resolved, but even if they persist in the short term, those who do persevere are in for a treat."

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GarrusVakarian1817d ago

When it works, its very addicting and alot of fun. Im not able to connect to the Rockstar cloud servers at the moment but ive been playing it all day with a couple of friends (UK PS3) and its a blast. Holding up stores and gas stations, escaping the police, doing co op missions and generally goofing around. I haven't even tried to the races or deathmatches yet, and there are still heists to come!

Trust me, when all is working smoothly, its amazingly fun.

1817d ago
FullMetalTech1817d ago

I agree. While i was able to rank up to level 4, i did have fun getting into shootouts with random players. But what kills it for me so far is having the character data being wiped out constantly.

XB1_PS41817d ago

Damn, woah wait what? Character data wipe? I must've missed something. I hope that doesn't happen to me.

gaelic_laoch1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Every character I have created has been wiped! I am fed up looking at Lamar waiting for me at LSX!

EDIT @ Lukas_Japonicus

That makes sense :)

GarrusVakarian1817d ago

Nah, that's not actually what's happening. Its because your characters are saved to R* cloud servers so if you cant connect to those servers then you cant use your character. Your character is still there....just not accessible until you can access the cloud servers.

The worst thing you can do is think your character has been deleted and start again, because all you are doing then is saving over your original one which will be available again when the servers are accessible.

creeping judas1817d ago

My character game save data is corrupted, over and over. Does that have anything to do with the R* Cloud? I am curious because like FMT I have seen Lamar at the airport 7 times too many times!!

nolifeking1817d ago

R* fu*# up, simple as that. This has to be one the worst online launches I've had the displeasure of witnessing in my over 2 years of gaming. What a waste of 2 weeks.

Ripsta7th1817d ago

Same here, seems like they werent prepared at all

GarrusVakarian1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

I agree, but not even R* could anticipate that they would break online records with GTAO. I would love to see ANY company have a smooth launch when 15 million people are trying to access it simultaneously.

nolifeking1817d ago

I meant to say (text?) decades but shit happens.

gaelic_laoch1817d ago

It amazes me how much grace has been given to R*! Many other Devs would be hung strung and quartered!

GarrusVakarian1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

LOL grace? You want to head over the forums if you think R* have been getting a free pass about this Im the biggest R* fanboy on this planet and i have been criticizing them.

But to be fair, no dev in the world has ever had to deal with 15 million users trying to access the online at the same time. And remember that R* aren't pro's when it comes to online. But then again you could argue (and i have) that the 2 week gap inbetween SP and MP was pretty much pointless and makes you question wtf they were doing in that time.

In my opinion, being a true fan of something is being able to give criticism aswell as praise.

MrDead1817d ago

I agree, the online traffic volume is insane for R*. I'll give it a week before passing judgement.

Audiggity1817d ago

Now that's it has been over 24 hours without a strong explanation or even mention of an actionable plan for resolution - I am getting a bit annoyed myself (also a huge R* fanboy).

I did want to chime in on the 2 week gap. I don't believe this was a technical necessity, it was purely experiential. R* mentioned in numerous interviews that the gap was to allow people to familiarize themselves with the game and dive into Singleplayer before heading over to MP.

I'm sure they had some last minute work to do, but nothing can prepare you for this kind of volume. There aren't any magical stress tests that allow the simulation of 5,000,000 people hitting your servers.

The one thing they may have been able to do would be cloud server that infinitely scales. I do question who their provider is... also, if they went with something like an Amazon AWS cloud system with all the bells and whistles, could it have even handled this kind of acceleration???

Pintheshadows1817d ago

I'm just giving up on it for a couple of weeks to be honest. I'm very frustrated that the online has ruined my current singleplayer play through, but luckily it hasn't messed up my first 92% play through so I won't be launching an online game from their. Weapons, car mods, missions, safe houses, chop, are all gone or messed up. Sad face.

I will defend R* to the hilt normally as I love them dearly as a developer, but even though there was no way to stress test for this many people, they should have been more prepared. I haven't even seen Lamar at the airport yet. All I have got to experience is the 'character creator' which is hardly a good first impression.

The only positive is that Update 3 for Rome 2 actually fixes a lot of the game so I can play that as it was meant to be in the mean time.

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