Battlefield 4 - Fiery Ambush Gameplay

The Fiery Ambush Gameplay of Battlefield 4.

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WorldGamer1814d ago

That is awesome.

I gotta say, I am in the beta on the PS3 and I'm a bit torn about this game. There is a lot new about it, but not as much as I though.

It is a beta after all, so I will reserve my judgement until the game releases.

At the end of the day, it is fun to play and seems to have a lot of cool options. Definitely still picking it up on November 22.

Muffins12231814d ago

Damn should try to later get pc,ps4,or xbox one version.Battlefield is just not meant for just 24 players :C

Ashby_JC1814d ago

FOr that exact reason I am waiting to pick it up for xbox one. Im not interested in 24 players in a battlefield game EVER again.

I think its the main reason besides the DLC splintering the community (IMO) ... i havent logged alot of hours into BF3 as much as I did BFBC2.

The maps you can clearly see were designed for a higher player count. I wish they would have made the maps cater to 24 players. And IMP the jets were not needed on consoles (24 plyers with Jets ..a waste)

GiggMan1814d ago

I hope that they are beta testing the next gen console versions. I'll see you on the 15th

Muffins12231814d ago

By the time the next gen console are out their will be no beta test because bf4 will already be out.

GiggMan1814d ago

I understand that. I hope they are doing some internal testing on the next gen hardware.

TekoIie1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Im a little worried if current gen has commander. Teams aren't going to be moving round too well with just 24 players and a sky god smiting everyone :/

Not to mention it's easier to get longer range shots off in BF4 by comparison to BF3.

titletownrelo1814d ago

Actually, commander isn't "part of the team'. instead of taking the place of a possible infantry unit, the commander joins the team separately.

However, the current gen version of BF4 is still going to be a major snooze fest.

AC-130 = 2 guys
scout helicopter = 1 guy

leaving a whopping 9 infantry units left on the massive BF4 maps.

titletownrelo1814d ago

Yeah, I'm enjoying the beta on PS3 as well. I just wished they added new interactive features. Like pressing "square" to bust down locked doors with your stock. It could be a cool animation but more importantly, it could open up flanking routes.

Can't wait for Nov 15!

Allsystemgamer1814d ago

Your also playing the game at a fraction of its potential on current gen. Wait for next gen. I'm playing on PC and it's a major step up

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BigShotSmoov0071814d ago

I'm really enjoying the beta so I'm going to pick it up on the 29th for my 360 and then get it on the 22nd also. I'm a hugh battlefield fan and looking foward to this one for you, both for current and next gen.

Hufandpuf1814d ago

I like the improvements in the beta, but im not going to buy it for xbox 360. I want the 64 players on next gen consoles.

Allsystemgamer1814d ago

0m ago
Good call. I'm playing on PC and I gotta say it's quite impressive. Watching it on YouTube is one thing but playing it is different all together. It gets really intense. All the stuff they showed on the beta map has happened to me so far and more.

Allsystemgamer1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

It's much better than I expected