Top 5 Selling Video Games on Every Gaming Platform asks what makes video games successful? Is it the marketing, the gameplay or the name? While the correct answer is not known, what IS known is that Video Gamers know what they want. Listed is the "Top 5 Selling Video Games on Every Gaming Platform" with how much revenue they've made. Did you know all of the games for PS2 begin with a letter "G"?

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solar3894d ago

wow look at Nintendo's best sellers. all first party.

Voiceofreason3893d ago

Street fighter is first party?

christopher64533894d ago

Nice job whoever found this!

By the way, proof Halo OWNS!!! Look at the discreptency between the most selling XBox 360 game, and second place. :)

wildcat3894d ago

Isn't COD4 roughly around 6M(360) and 3M(PS3). List isn't very up to date.

wildcat3894d ago

Gran Turismo, Grand Theft Auto fest!

cmrbe3894d ago

Now imaging whats going on in PS2 owners head right now when they see GT5 P ads as well as GTA4 ads within a 2 weeks period. Oh and MGS4 ads as well for June. Sony is very bright don't you think.

wildcat3894d ago

Yes, very much so. Two of their biggest franchises and MGS4 around the corner.

Voiceofreason3893d ago

Yeah GTA ads with the 360 logo are going to sale a lot of PS3's..... Sony screwed up big time this gen. GTA3,GTA sa, GTA VC all the biggest things on PS2. Now gta 4 is on 360 with more content....

Lord_Ash3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

I'm sure there are some mistakes in the numbers, Call of duty 4 sold more than 2 millions on the PS3 and soccer games like FIFA (around 1.2 millon if I'm not mistaken) and PES 08 (1.4 millions I think) sold more than Ratchet, but interesting article over all, never new nintendo were doing that bad last generation.

PS360WII3894d ago

and people wonder why Nintendo still makes Mario and Zelda..?

then Sony has GT and GTA

I didn't know Fable was that big... huh well I did buy the first so I'm part of it :)

astrobrights3894d ago

Fable sales were huge.. I think it's one of those strange games that was overhyped and many people finished the game with the feeling of being let down. It was a good game though.. but certainly not even close to what was promised. It makes me wonder what will happen with Fable 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.