Booming shipments of game console components expected for 4Q13, say Taiwan makers

As pre-orders for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have so far been better than originally expected, component shipments are expected to boom in the fourth quarter of 2013, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers.
The sources pointed out that the game console vendors have been pushing them for shipment volumes since the second quarter to fulfill demand.

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TomShoe1748d ago

Good. Somewhere those collections of PS4 parts will be my PS4.

THEDON82z11748d ago

Mine three...just payed off PS4,Killzone shoadowfall, BF4,WATCHDOGS,extra controller(blue),camera,and put 115 on my PSN account..I AM [email protected] READY,,,,Nov 15 HURRY YO A$$ UP....Next move is wall-mounting my PlayStation 3d MONITOR and pc monitor over my desk (DIY project)and purchasing this new ambiet light kit for my gaming desk/center!!! With November 15-november 22 off from work this is going to be the best vacation from work ever...Plus wifey is buying one to so I got my get-away car ready on launch day for the robbers and haters...llllolll!!!!!

LordDhampire1748d ago

Blowing minds who would thing that consoles required parts to work, and demand would rise around console launch frame

Seriously how did this article get passed