Ubisoft saddened by Tom Clancy's death

Ubisoft has said that it is "saddened to learn" of Tom Clancy's death, and that it is "humbled by the opportunity to carry on part of his legacy" through future video game titles bearing his name.

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PLASTICA-MAN1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

OH very very bad for the entire industry, sth very unexpected. Even though I don't like Tom Clancy's GAMES made by UBISOFT very much, we have to acknowledge indubitably that the defunct crafted a well established series for the entire industry. May God bring him to a world without wars. R.I.P.

(PS: I hope Ubisoft won't go crazy after his death, trying to mimic his work, thus laying complete BS games.)

Regis1692d ago

Are you gonna try the Division?


The Division is one of most anticipated games, why lie? I hope it will be the best Tom Clancy's game, a great tribute.

hellzsupernova1692d ago

This is a shame and so young!

I'm sure ubisoft has capable writers to continue splinter cell, and the division, I have some faith in ubisoft.

Rip Tom Clancy

s45gr321692d ago

I agree with your PS may Tom Clancy rest in peace

dontbhatin1692d ago

you do know only a few of ubosofts tom clacy games were actually written by him? Ghost recon, H.A.W.K.S, end war and, rainbow 6. those are the only franchises that actually were based off of his novels.

MysticStrummer1691d ago

Clancy had very little to do with most of the games that bear his name.

thehitman1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I thought Ubisoft bought out Tom Clancy name or something and he didnt have anything to do w/ lot of the games towards the end of ps2/xbox days and this gen games. Not sure how thats possible or the legal aspects of that but I thought there was a lot of friction between Tom Clancy and Ubi at one point.

Anyways R.I.P. guy had a huge influence on the gaming industry through his work even though I was more of a Socom person when his games were popular.

KingKevo1691d ago

@OP: I don't think they will. I think they never did and never will, maybe they'll work even harder on them. His name was on there because it's based on his ideas and because they probably had a deal. Codemasters kind of did the same thing with Colin McRae (another great person that died way too soon and I'm glad I saw him race once) and they dropped his name for DiRT 3 (in Europe/PAL regions ONLY were it was still used for the DiRT series).

IDK, I just think it's sad that a great creative person died who had a lot of great stories to tell and The Hunt For Red October is still one of my dad's favorite books and films. R.I.P.

Gekko361691d ago

@All - Hey man keep god out of it!!. He's dead, it's sad, it happens, my sympathy to his family.

Moving on,

I personally don't care about his games.

However I'll miss his books SO much. The pace he has you reading over yourself. So tight and well crafted.

As for the games, I've had better bowel movements, for entertainment I'd have better chance slashing my wrists with a banana

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TheTwelve1692d ago

One of the most important writers in American history!!!

MysticStrummer1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Only if importance is measured by sales.

RIP and everything, but let's not go overboard.

KillrateOmega1691d ago


Dude, don't be that guy.

The topic of discussion here isn't just some gaming console, it's the death of man. If you're going to just sit here and, for some reason, try and regulate the respect that everyone is paying for this man, then leave this thread. You're not welcome here.

TheTwelve1691d ago

His writings launched many different acting careers, movies and game franchises. In terms of his influence on American culture, yep, I believe he's one of the most important ever.

Blaze9291692d ago

Oh, I'm sure they are sooo sad.

*orders 10 new tom clancy games to be developed*

I'd rather not tarnish his name with anymore mediocre games. Ubisoft is just killing all the Tom Clancy IPs

Tito081692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

So what? Did most games became bad after Ubisoft aquired them? Nope, Clancy formed his game studio before Ubisoft acquired it, nothing wrong with that.

They have being making Tom Clancy games for too long. And you making it seem like they being milking the games like crazy when none of the games are nothing like the Maddens, NFSs, and CODs.

Happens to be Assassin's Creed with its yearly releases, but that totally has nothing to do with Tom Clancy games at all, especially Splinter Cell..

Magicite1692d ago

These are very, very sad news. I have enjoyed so many games under his name.
An awesome person and writer.

otherZinc1691d ago

Thanks Mr. Clancy!
From my son & I.

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The_Truth_24_71692d ago ShowReplies(3)
bonafide7321692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

So Sad to hear this. a great writer/ Salute