Downloadable Content: Is it Worth the Money?

DLC, DLC, DLC… sounds like a hip hop group. Boomtown discuss when it's okay to charge more money for the game you bought. They dilly dally around with the history of how games went from being final products off the shelf to ever changing expandable creations.

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power of Green 3839d ago

Wonder if anybody will read this?.

DomUltra3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Considering no one knows what DLC will be, I'll have to say no for now, until this whole thing comes under wraps and yes people will read the article. Generally speaking is DLC ever worth it? Other than expansions.

niall773839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

$50 million for DLC that doesnt even come out the same sesion as the game its for seems a bit daft. with that sort of money you think it would be day 1 release or at least within 2-3 months.. but i guess its about the PR of saying you have it rather then what it actually is.

paying $10 for a map pack is bad.

paying $10 for a 2d game good.

the Rock band thing of new songs every week is great.

but paying to unlock content already on the disc is just low.

solar3839d ago

to me it depends on how "hardcore" you are into a game. anything HL:2 related ill buy in 1 second flat. imo the casual gamer wont.

chaosatom3333839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

I don't want to play the same damn game for 1 year. I want them to make a new game instead.

I know that games are now costly to make, but DLC doesn't work for games. It works for downloadable games.

SuicidalTendencies3839d ago

If it's a big as they said it would be (San Andreas) then it will be worth the money. I paid the money for Shivering isles on Oblivion and it was worth it. That reminds me...I still have to finish that :P

Fux4Bux3839d ago

%95 chance it's just going to be new missions from someone elses perspective. I doubt there will even be new land mass.

SEAN16173839d ago

because it so damn big to begin with, i never really finish the games, the closes game in the gta line i came to finish was GTA3 after that, i really had a hard time finish the game, because of the sandbox nature it was more fun most of the time just to goof around. isten to the radi stations, and what not.

BigKev453839d ago

I think the DLC for GTA IV will be good.

On April 29th, all I need is GTA IV, some beer, & my Popeye's chicken.
And I'll be all set. Can I get a amen?

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The story is too old to be commented.