DualShockers PS4 & Xbox One Buyer's Guide: It's All About the Service - Xbox Live and PS Plus

DualShockers continues the lead-up to the PS4 and Xbox One launches in the latest installment of the Buyer's Guide, this time breaking down Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus on the new consoles.

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taz80801777d ago

Xbox finally caught up on the free game front, that was a big advantage for PSN for a while. PSN needs to incorporate cross game chat and they could be pretty strong.

xHeavYx1777d ago

The games that Live offers are not nearly as good as the ones you get from PS+. MS also said the free games promotion will end once the One launches

XB1_PS41777d ago

Do you have a link to where they say it's not on Xb1?

Also, since we're comparing. The free with gold games are available even after your gold expires, unlike PS+ where if you end your subscription you lose the games.

Disagrees make me feel good, so thanks in advance. :)

pedrof931777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )


Actually you can't compare both, you get like 2 - 3 old games per month, while Ps+ is big AAA titles, AC III ,Farcry 3, Battlefield etc. It's true that you can't play them after the PS+ expried but not all of them , some indie titles stay free, themes and avatars too. SO, no comparison there.

xHeavYx1777d ago

Below is the link directly from MS, but I have to say your "you keep them forever" excuse is weak. How long does it take you to finish a game? Do you really play every single game for over a year? Have you stopped your subscription before?
Q: Why are these only Xbox 360 games? Is this going to be extended to Gold on Xbox One?

The Games with Gold promotion runs from June 10, 2013, to December 31, 2013. There are no plans to include Xbox One games in the program at this time.

pedrof931777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Its not like they gave you Halo 4 for free like PS+ gave unchartred 3 an year after release...

You got Halo 3... not ODST, not REACH.

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MizTv1777d ago

M$ gave out some old ass games that everyone has played
And it was only for so long
But plus gave me good free games for 2 systems all year
Plus pays for it's self and it's $10 less than live

xHeavYx1777d ago

Don't forget the free PS4 games coming

MizTv1777d ago

The thing I HATE most about XboxLive is I'm paying for it and there is still adds all in my face all the time

darthv721777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

I pay for PS+ and there are ads throughout the PSN store all the time.

okay that was a joke but seriously. i understand your concerns about the ads. If the dash wasnt so intertwined with the marketplace then we prob wouldnt see them.

That is why i think sony has their store separate from the xmb but doing it that way is both a blessing and a curse as you cant seamlessly jump back and forth between the two.

the live dash and marketplace is designed around easy quick access to any content on the marketplace as well as your system. Plus the ads arent intrusive and many times give you free stuff. Not really anything substantial but there can be anything from avatar items to sweepstakes entries.

both setups have their pros and cons.

mhunterjr1777d ago

Please, most gamers are too busy playing games to bother staring at the bottom corner of the home screen enough to even notice the ads.

You're acting as if, commercials pop up in between rounds.

MizTv1777d ago

I'm not talking about going into the store
I'm talking about the dashboard

darthv721777d ago

sorry Miz. I'll make it easier for you.

PS3: XMB & Store, separate areas, hence the ads are in the store or the PS store related link in each XMB section (games, movies, etc)

360: Dash & Marketplace are intertwined, hence the ads throughout the dash leading to the different sections of the marketplace where they can be interacted with.

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Boody-Bandit1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

The only thing required for an online gaming service is connectivity and low latency. PS+ already has both working perfectly. So everything besides that is value for your dollar. This is one area Sony is way in front of MS. PS+ will pay for itself day one when the PS4 is released with all the free content they will have available 11/15/13.

I have downloaded dozens of games on PS+ over the years that I didn't get around to playing for what ever reason. Some I digitally downloaded of games I already own and then traded or sold my physical copies.

MS is starting to offer games for XBL members but they are really old games.

Since both XBL and PS+ online service gaming performance are on par with one another. It most likely wont factor into which console a consumer will choose. If it is a factor and the consumer does their homework. They will choose PS+ over XBL because it is clearly the better value.

Also let's not forget that PS+ is an option and not a requirement. A lot of MS's features are behind a pay wall that requires the purchase of XBL. Again making PS+ a better value overall.

patsrule3161777d ago

"Also let's not forget that PS+ is an option and not a requirement. A lot of MS's features are behind a pay wall that requires the purchase of XBL. Again making PS+ a better value overall."

If you are going to pay for the services either way, what is and is not behind the paywall is irrellavant. It doesn't make PS+ a better value. It might make the PS4 without PS+ a better value than an XB1 without Xbox Live. But if you pay for the service of your system, that extra value goes away.

jmc88881777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )


Your last point is wrong, but I think I know what you meant by it.

Not having those features unlocked with PS+ actually makes it a poorer value (versus live isn't in the equation). Since you get those aspects for free already, by paying for PS+, you get less since those don't unlock.

But what you actually mean to say is that because you don't need PS+ to access certain features it makes the PS4 itself a better overall value.

It doesn't make PS+ a better value, it makes the entire system a better value.

patsrule3161777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )


That first paragraph was a quote of the person (user name Brutallyhonest) above me. I didn't say PS+ was a better value. I was saying what you were saying..that Brutallyhonest was incorrect to say that PS+ was the better value because the features were already unlocked.

Kingthrash3601777d ago

ok you are massivly uninformed or blinded by fanboyness. thats such a sad bs comment you just typed. hope your proud of yourself.

MizTv1777d ago

The best things about the free game with psplus is that there full games
Re5 uncharted3 deusex gravityrush and sooo many more
And also the discounts on games
It's just a better deal

darthv721777d ago

before i got PS+ i was more concerned with the notion that the free games were only free for the extent of your membership. Basically an extended rental program.

Now after having been a PS+ member since Feb, the only thing i am concerned with is running out of HDD space.

I've upgraded the HDD twice already and may just have to do a 3rd.

kingPoS1777d ago


I know how you feel. My PS3 slim went from 120gb to 320gb and now 500gb. I'm torn on whether to use a 1tb for the PS3 or Ps4.

1777d ago
ShinMaster1777d ago

Cross Game Party Chat will be on PS4, free of charge.

And XBL free games don't compare with PS Plus'. You get older titles on XBL.

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ShowanW1777d ago

This is some good ol'fashioned click bait...

NexGen1777d ago

I'm not sure you know what clickbait means.

kingPoS1777d ago

Flame bait is flame bait.

akaFullMetal1777d ago

Not unless xbox live does something like PS PLus, it won't be considered the defacto online service anymore. Also with the ps4, I don't see any benefits that Xbox live has over psn anymore. If anything psn will be the better service next generation, til xbox comes with something worth the more expensive service.

MizTv1777d ago

M$ is just out of touch

WorldGamer1777d ago

The author wisely steered clear of service quality for online games, which will only be tested once the consoles release.

That being said, I think that overall value definitely goes to PS+, at least in this breakdown. I have PS+ for the PS3, and have so many games waiting for me to even touch, that I could literally not buy a game for the entire year and be busy with what is offered on the "Instant Games Collection".

I will say that being able to keep the games even if you don't continue with XBOX Live is a nice touch.

I can't wait for November 15th.

MikeNike3101777d ago

This is why competition is good. Both sides trying to one up each other is only going to benefit the consumer. Playstation stepping its server game up and microsoft giving away free games. Lets keep it coming guys

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