Hands On: PS4 Launch Title Knack Is Gradually Gathering Steam - Push Square

Push Square: "We’ve had a more turbulent relationship with Knack than the scorned lovers from Wuthering Heights. The throwback platformer in production at Sony’s recently rejuvenated Japan Studio disappointed us earlier in the year, prompting us to ponder the platform holder’s decision to put it at the forefront of the PlayStation 4’s marketing campaign. But having spent some time with an updated build of the impending launch title, we can’t help but feel that the release may end up crushing our early concerns."

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GTgamer1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Its being made by Japan Studio and they have never failed me yet so Knack is a day one purchase and its co op so that's plus so i can play with little bro.

1750d ago
3-4-51749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

By the time I actually get a PS4, Knack should be around $30, so it will be a must buy then for sure.

sigfredod1750d ago

good old Plataformers is always a good addition to any games library, so knack is more than welcome to mine

SCW19821750d ago

Play puppeteer before this comes out its phenomenal.

GryestOfBluSkies1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

i plan on playing it, probably not until after tho. im hoping for a black friday sale. i have other games to keep me busy til then

Edvin19841750d ago

Yeah, I am looking forward to this game. I am passing up the COD, BF4, AC4 this year, as there are far more fresher games coming out. I am looking forward to Knack, Killzone(I know this is a FPS, but looks fresh enough), KillerInstinct, Forza 5, Mario 3D world, Ryse. I am little burned out on military shooters will be back next year ;-)

LordDhampire1750d ago

Lol @fresh with killzone, mario, forza and killer instinct

Yeah racing games, fps, fighting games and any mario title are so fresh and original

You lost credibility @passing on bf4 and picking up killzone

GTgamer1750d ago

BF4 is Still BF3 with extra you know that rite but ill still buy it

LordDhampire1749d ago

Bf3 is amazing, if they named it bf3 on the new consoles I would still buy it

Mr Marvel1749d ago

Killzone will be the better single player experience, which matters to me as I don't give a shit about multiplayer shooters.

Bolts1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

This game have PS Plus written all over it. No way I'm paying $60 for it, there are other axe to grind while this drops down to $15-20.

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