Special offer on HAZE from large UK retailer

UK retailer HMV is offering an interesting deal for Free Radicals' PlayStation 3 exclusive HAZE. If you're anticipating this game and you have a group of mates doing the same then this might interest you...

They are offering a 4 for 3 deal, that's right, 4 copies of HAZE for the price of 3. This is really pushing the games co-operative functionality. HAZE of course features a full 4 player co-operative campaign. However what the store fails to mention is that you don't need four mates with four copies of the game, you can play the full co-op campaign split screen.

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sonarus3896d ago

That is actually a pretty good deal. With the 4p coop

solar3895d ago

yes it is. its quite strategic also. and a bubble for you. i see your lacking these days :D

crunchie1013895d ago

Shame I don't have ANY friends who own a PS3...grumble mumble...

Doctor Who3895d ago

shame i got no friends:D

Rice3895d ago

its a shame that i have friends...

wow4u3895d ago

Between this UK move, and the "Play it for free for two weeks" deal in Canada, something has become clear:

They know the game isnt going to sell well. At all. They know this, and they are giving copies away to get attention at launch.

Book / CD sellers do this all the time. They buy-up or give away their own product to jack-up the figures to get on the sales charts.

My prediction: This is a massive bust, and the reviews are poor.

From seeing the videos, the AI and Physics look terrible.

In one video, a guy ran down a corridor shooting at two AI players, the two AI players didnt even pay attention, they kept looking in a different direction. The Gameplayer ran down and stood ontop of the AI and shot them down, neither AI ever even tried to move or fire back.

In a second video, two players were running together in an open field. Someone shot down a RPG and nailed one of the two. The hit player literally stopped dead in his tracks and folded over like a lawn chair. The 2nd un-hit player didnt even flinch from an RPG exploding literally right next to him.

Beyond that, the art design (models and levels) are uninspired re-treads of a hundred games before it.

Haze is going to be epic fail.

paul_war3895d ago

the Previews sound positive, from PSM3 (UK mag):

"Haze already looks and plays superbly, and if the story unfolds in the same terrific fashion as the early stages, then you're in for a treat. Ubisoft are still shy to send us review code - but it looks worth the wait"

From my own hands-on I can confirm this.

Doctor Who3895d ago

from the guys who made ---
GoldenEye,Perfect Dark&TimeSplitters1,2& 3??????????????????? :D

paul_war3895d ago

A rather ambitious offer, wonder how many bundles that will sell.

games4fun3895d ago

a pretty bad deal unless you find four friends of yours all owning ps3's who want to buy the game anyway then it saves each of you EUGameprice/4 then its a good deal :)

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The story is too old to be commented.