Videogame Consoles are Dying. Just Ask LG.

The evolution of television and videogames has tended to take a parallel course over the years, but the two have up until now been rather mutually exclusive. Electronics giant LG would appear to be pretty serious about gaming, so much so that it is incorporating a videogames console into its latest release of Smart TVs.

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raWfodog1779d ago

Exactly. That whole argument is contigent on consumers preferring LG tv's to the variety of models out there. Now, if every TV were to offer the same capabilities then that "might" have the "potential" to be a threat to consoles.

PoSTedUP1779d ago

last gen
PS2= 150m
xbox= 24m
gamecube= 22m
total= 196m

this gen
wii= 100m
total= 259m

nope, growing.

egidem1779d ago

It's kinda like saying the human race is on the brink of extinction when people in your neighborhood start to die one by one :/

Ps4Console1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

If Pc's can't topple us console gamers tv's got no chance , we seen them come and we seen them go and this is no different .

FunkMacNasty1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

It seems like this is pretty much along the same lines as what the Xbox One tried to do with disc-less digital downloads. And we all know how gamers reacted to that.

Also, look at the games available... most of them are 2 years old, there's no pricepoint for using the cloud gaming service, and there's no details on whether you own what you download or whether your renting the software liscence..

Yea, I'd rather spend my money on a Ps4 before I buy into a cloud gaming service available on my TV.

GamerXD1779d ago

Nice try LG. After PS4 broke PS2's launch record, yeah. Definitely dying. /sarcasm

secretcode1779d ago

As likely as it is right now with the super awesome preorder numbers (mine included), be fair. The launch record isn't broken until the thing actually launches.

Concertoine1779d ago

Ps2s launch record was beaten by wii first

JuleyJules1779d ago

Launch numbers are great but the key is sustaining numbers after that if there's a lag between games. Convincing last-gen owners to switch is not easy.

Ozmoses1779d ago

hahaha, what the hell would LG know about the video game industry??


BillytheBarbarian1779d ago

They said that about Sony. Look how that turned out.

Ozmoses1779d ago

Totally different industry back then...

LG has been around for awhile now... If they wanted to get into video games, they would have done it by now...

They have nothing to bring to the market... Nothing at all.

KonsoruMasuta1779d ago

Well, LG isn't getting involved in the game industry.

What they plan on doing is making deals with developers, like Ubisoft, and having them stream games to their smart TVs.

It's nothing but a cloud based gaming service.

NiteX1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

My guess is a lot, without TVs there would be no video games obviously, you would think they would keep tabs on any devices that help sell their products. Doesn't mean they are right though.

KonsoruMasuta1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

Actually, there would be video games without TVs. You seem to forget that video games didn't start on TVs. They started on these things we called ARCADE MACHINES( and computers). A lot of early console games were just ports from the arcade (and computers).

Plus, we also have handhelds.

Sam Fisher1779d ago

Hmm, the only thing lg makes good is..... Washing machines.....-_- thats it....

PaulFiend1779d ago

Well, they produced these long time ago:

So, they were involved anyhow, but yeah, streaming is not the way I want to experience my videogames...

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chrissx1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

Nah video game consoles aint dying. There's so much life still left in console gaming. Just check out Pre-order numbers especially that of Ps4

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