Beware: Wii Fit doesn't like thick carpet

You may have noticed that in all of Nintendo's marketing for Wii Fit, players have been standing atop the Balance Board while it is set on a shiny, flat surface. However, what for those whose homes are carpeted throughout? According to a leaked copy of the instruction booklet, there may have been trouble ahead, but Nintendo has thought of a solution.

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PS360WII3384d ago

Well good thing shag carpet is a thing of the past

Bordel_19003383d ago (Edited 3383d ago )

Haha, true.

"However, what for those whose homes are carpeted throughout?"

They should wake up from the 70s and join the 21st century.

San anto3383d ago

it seems the wii has good taste, a thick carpet is indeed awkward in the bedroom. ;]

Exile__3383d ago

Oh, so I guess I'm not the only one that took that headline in other ways than intended. ('_')

sumfood4u3383d ago

Cardboard or Thick Wood! Your set 4 WiiFIT!