Grand Theft Auto Online Fixes in Progress

Gameranx: "Grand Theft Auto Online fixes currently in development. A patch is expected to be deployed shortly."

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itisallaboutps1754d ago

Good stuff R! I am stuck at a loading screen as we speak.

gamesR4fun1754d ago

Good news for all

put out the word after work today gta5o the bar is open and the drinks are free

Fasttrack761754d ago

Got on for an hour (ps3) was really enjoying myself then misses came back with kids,computer off,kids more important. Gta online can wait

Ripsta7th1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

You dnt have kids , who calls their wife misses
And why computer off when youre playingon ps3

SeanScythe1754d ago

This is just a Copy and Paste from the R* support page. There is nothing about a patch on it's way from R* yet. We all know it's coming but they haven't said when or how soon.

paul-p19881754d ago

Wow, Rockstar are some amazing dev's if they can get a patch out and fix it that quickly. I've been stuck either on the first mission, or getting the 'Rockstar cloud unavailable' issues for a few hours now, so fingers crossed!

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