1UP previews Metal Gear Online

Those fortunate enough to be participating in the Metal Gear Online beta will be savoring the joys of stealth kills and accidentally saluting when you mean to snap someone's neck in just a few short days. But Konami was offering gamers one last peek at the game before the beta goes live at this year's New York Comic-Con -- and while the show floor version offered only a limited chunk of the final beta (well, "final"), it was certainly a tantalizing glimpse.

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sak5003893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

OMG, army of two looks better than this.

Edit: You're looking even more dumb with every new post. Stop it for GOD's Sake. Yes this again according to u is taking His name in vain. There is a difference between Oh my God and GOd damn. Learn the difference before trying to look righteous.

Yet some blind sony bat analogized Kojima to God. Go and shut ur own ps3 owner up [email protected] Oh sorry i took jack's name in vain.

Greysturm3893d ago

Maybee youll believe it one day.

DomUltra3893d ago

Hey sakofshit500, up to your old retarded yet trivial comments? By the way, I like sakofshit500 better than Ultradumb, good try though.

Mr_Kuwabara3893d ago

Army of Two are you serious dude? C'mon, you're really missing out if you have that mentality.

DomUltra3893d ago

Sakofshit500, you cry way to much man, little emo kid.

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niall773893d ago

graphics where are a bit hit and miss last year but the "asassins solid" trailer looked great compared to some less then flattering screenshots taking last year.

Once it looks good im motion who give a flying nuke what the screenshots look like?

Fishy Fingers3893d ago

Releasing it on a Monday is crazy no? Why not give it to us on tonight so we get the whole weekend? Now I have to think about MGO all day at work...

Greysturm3893d ago

That use footage from early development to support their arguments. I cant wait to play this game everysite that has played it has good things to say about it. I hope next couple of week can satiate my hunger for mgs4 until it comes out.

hazeblaze3893d ago

I'm looking forward to this like it's the real thing!!! I'm not even buying GTA IV until the beta is over... since it only lasts two weeks, it's going to get my total attention as long as it lasts... And then I'll use GTA IV to soak up my attention until MGS4 finally releases!

EZCheez3893d ago

No kidding. If they want some real feedback soon let us play it this weekend!

The only negative about that would be all the people waiting on Konami ID's.

jmare3893d ago

Hopefully Konami will extend the beta a litle while to make up for the Konami ID clusterfvck. I know it's not likely, but I can hope.

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belal3893d ago

and still i dont have the id !!!! OMFG why are they not fixing the problem:=(

GODofDOOMS3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

for all you people that can't get Konami ID and Game ID ready for MGO beta because the web site crashes on you read this
it shows you how to get it in 20 mins. i tried it and it really works

PROGnosis3893d ago

i tried it, it works man, i was done in 8 min.....thanx

AlterEgo3893d ago

hey it WORKED!

i also disabled images in firefox and got my code in less than 5 minutes!

PimpHandHappy3893d ago

can i just say your right but your not

I dont think OMG is using the name in vain

but then again

I think when i hear ppl say God created us in his image that what they really mean to say is

We created him


Did your daddy ever teach you if you dont have anything good to say then just dont say anything? Did you have a daddy?

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