Worldwide Video-Game Console Sales to Rise in 2013, IDC Projects

Global video-game shipments will advance in 2013, ending a four-year slide, as new consoles from Sony and Microsoft go on sale this holiday season.

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Thehyph1778d ago

Bloomberg is now known as captain O.

Some people who already own consoles are buying new ones this year. My mind is blown.

PoSTedUP1778d ago

i clicked "read full story" as a little joke for myself, but it turns out that i actually learned exactly what the title said. i was compelled to contact the reporter and editor and thank them for their efforts, but i thought "nah, i dont want to interrupt their busy schedule of extensive research and writing and whatnot". people FTW

torreth11778d ago

With all the doom predictions and gloomy reports surrounding the console future it really makes me sick when I hear people say consoles are at their end because of smartphones and mobile tablets. I havent seen one actual report where they use facts to back up their data except to say people have increasingly begun to use them for entertainment. To all the journalists who have written stories proclaiming the demise of consoles I hope you feel stupid when viewing the next gen consoles pre-order tally's and after seeing that GTA V became the fastest selling entertainment medium product in history. I believe GTA V and the pre-orders show that people didnt leave gaming, we were just waiting for a more compelling product to be released.

mcstorm1778d ago

I agree. If anything consoles have been bigger than ever as the Wii hit 100Million and the 360 and PS3 hit 80 million each too where last gen the PS2 Hit 120 million and the Gamecube and Xbox hit around 25 million each.

Its the same with the hand held too. Ok the PSV is not doing very well but its had a high price and only aimed at one type of gamer at the moment where the 3DS is selling like mad and with Pokémon to come out soon its only going to get higher.

I see the new gen consoles hitting between 80 to 100 million by the end of the next gen too.