Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag - A 3 hour tour

By Gary Steinman: "In just three hours playing Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, I shot an iguana, air-assassinated an ocelot, and harpooned a shark; I climbed a tree, scaled a cliff wall, and skulked around a heavily guarded fortress; I crafted new protective gear to buff my health and constructed a new hull to bolster the Jackdaw"

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xKugo1780d ago

This game really seems to be revitalizing the series and putting it back on track for success. I hope the main story is long enough and includes enough land gameplay so as to not over-whelm players who didn't like AC3(which there are a lot of). High hopes for this game.

phantomexe1780d ago

The last one was a sucess along with everything else stamped with assassins creed,but i understand what you mean. I just hope it's AC and not just a pirate game with AC stamped on it. Looks cool so far.

WeAreLegion1780d ago

I'd kill for a Gilligan's Island game.

(LOST: Via Domus wasn't far off.)

ZBlacktt1780d ago

Some of us have been saying it since E3. Nice to see everyone is getting it now...