Full PS3 Firmware Update 4.50 Notes: PlayStation Network Renamed, 200MB Required, More

The 4.50 PS3 firmware update is now available for download, but if you want the full patch notes, we’ve got 'em.

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Wedge191813d ago

Seems like a really good update. Finally can hide my trophies that are 0% lists!

bilzdabest1813d ago

Love that their still updating despite ps4 around the corner.
This is why we love you sony.

Shane Kim1813d ago

I think these updates are just because of that. To get the best online experience before (and after) PS4 is released.

egidem1812d ago

I would agree with Shane Kim.

They just want to streamline everything and create similar experiences on both platforms (PS3 and PS4).

I wouldn't be surprised if the PSP got an update that did a similar thing.

On the side of trophies, this is really neat. I wish I could also delete those 0% lists of games that I no longer have, but this is a welcomed update!

Mr Pumblechook1813d ago

I've hidden some games that have 0% completion yet when I go to they are still showing and affecting my completion ratio. Any ideas why?

ctorretta1812d ago

It doesn't actually remove the games from your profile, so they are going to still show up on sites like

taco_tom2371812d ago

earn a trophy and sync your profile then update your profile on the site and they should be gone

Deadpoolio1812d ago

Because it only hides them from other people....Which is where I think people are getting confused...It doesn't remove them from your list it doesn't take them out of anything, it just stops everyone else online from seeing them when they look at your profile they are all still there for you

Deadpoolio1812d ago

From other people....Why exactly are people so excited about being able to hide trophies again from other people....It still stays plainly visible in your list when you view it....

dj3boud1812d ago

v4.50 broke my slim ps3 :(.. can run videos off hdd but cannot play any games. video signal flicks on and off. i wish sony recognizes this problem.

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nevin11813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

I don't see the point of the hiding trophies feature.

ctorretta1812d ago

Some people feel trophy notifications break immersion in certain games. That is why Heavy Rain only gave you trophies after you completed a level, as opposed to mid-mission. Lone Survivor straight up tells you to turn off trophies when you start the game, in order to not break the sense of immersion.

Minato-Namikaze1812d ago

That's not what this us. Hiding trophy notifications has been around for a couple months.

VonBraunschweigg1812d ago

Jup. I remember finishing Uncharted 3, right at the moment where gameplay stopped and the last cinematic started BLING the trophy showed up and the cinematic continued. It didn't ruin the experience but I remember I didn't like it, could have been postponed untill the credits.

I like they fixed it. And the horrible mandatory Sing Star icon in the gamesection is gone too:)

ThanatosDMC1812d ago

It's for trophy whores, i think.

dantesparda1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )


Me neither

GreenRanger1812d ago

I can't find out how to transfer stuff between the Vita and PS3 via WiFi.

Maybe the Vita is getting a firmware update to allow it, soon.

gano1812d ago

To be honest that and the trophy hiding does not work for me.
Is this just meir what, but i agree. They need a secnd update.

PAYNEinc851812d ago

Tiny ass update took me nearly 15 minutes to download and install. My internet is about 15 m/b so it's not my internet. I hate PS3 updates.

SaulGoodman1812d ago

Waaaaaaahhhhhhh! 1st world problems. Deal with it.

SaulGoodman1812d ago

I know this sounds like trolling to some, but Playstation is taking a steamroller to X1. I don't think theres any doubt left that Sony will not be the victor in this console war. I know they haven't started yet but I've had an epiphany...and PS4 wins.

TheOneEyedHound1812d ago

Saul Goodman? Fuck you doing here? How is your new life?