GTA V Shows the Immaturity of Game Criticism

From the article, "GTA V was of course released about two weeks ago to both critical and financial success: breaking 800 million dollars in 24 hours as well as being cited by many critics as the new “gold-standard” of gaming. Many critics praised the game for its critique of the “American Dream” and its endearing, yet utterly loathsome, protagonists, though one thing seemed to sour their taste of this video game ambrosia: a single mission entitled “By the Books."

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Dlacy13g1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

I will have to disagree with the author. "By the Books" imo added nothing to the game story. It was just tried and true Rockstar shock value. We already know enough about the character of Trevor (and his mental quirks/sadism) at that point in the game that this mission just didn't give us any additional insight. It just was thrown in to be that "talked about moment".

In general I feel the polish and delivery of the GTA V story is fantastic...but the story isn't that great, the way they link Franklin in with Michael has to be one of the weakest moments of the game. Franklin is an add-on to the Michael and Trevor story that quite honestly wasn't needed. I honestly think they added Franklin into the story just so they could have a "gansta" stereo type in the game for those yearning for the days of San Andreas.

SegaGamer1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

It's not real, the one thing people are failing to understand. There is far worse seen in Anime, are people going to complain about that ? no they won't because that would be ridiculous, just like the people complaining about this.

WeAreLegion1777d ago

"its endearing, yet utterly loathsome, protagonists"

I don't find Franklin "loathsome". Michael can be, at times. Trevor obviously is...and that's why we all love him.

But Franklin is a good guy, just trying to make a life for himself.