Ivory Tower details The Crew's play-while-you-install process

The Crew will limit players to a particular area of the game world while it installs the rest of the environment in the background, Ivory Tower has explained.

Discussing the game's "play-while-you-install&q uot; process with VideoGamer last week, lead designer Serkan Hassan revealed that the developer's goal is to have "an area of the landscape which is available within that first disc activation and then the rest comes along on installation.

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WorldGamer1751d ago

Great feature. This story does bring up an interesting issue of console owners complaining about installs.

I guess it's more of a comment on the society we live in where people can't wait a few minutes for a game to install on their console.

Many things have become a matter of instant satisfaction. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing, but it certainly forced Sony and MS to implement this "play as you install" feature.

The world is changing.

patsrule3161750d ago

Just curious of how big the digital download for the crew will be, and how much has to be installed before you can start playing. Those two items were not in the story.

andrewsqual1750d ago

Just like Sony announced on 20th February 2013 ^_^ It feels like it was 8 long months ago that Sony were announcing things that gamers and developers around the world wanted to hear......oh it was.